How many templates does Messi have

Templates in LaLiga - an overview

Below we present an overview of all of Messi's assists in the Spanish premier league. After his first two years, in which he was still cautious as an assistant, he regularly made over 10 templates. Only in 2016/17 did he miss this value with only nine assists. With these outstanding statistics, however, this little “sag” is allowed for him.

2005/06: 2
2006/07: 2
2007/08: 12
2008/09: 11
2009/10: 10
2010/11: 18
2011/12: 16
2012/13: 12
2013/14: 11
2014/15: 18
2015/16: 16
2016/17: 9
2017/18: 12

Leaderboard - Messi trumps

Since the magic flea hit the football stage, no one has come close to him in terms of assists. His former teammate Dani Alves has 101 goal boxes, followed by Xavi Hewrnández (91), Cristiano Ronaldo (87) and Betis player Joaquín (74).
A total of 32 players wearing the Catalans' jersey benefited from the Argentine's sugar passes. Luis Suárez in particular owes many goals to his striker colleague, after all, the Messi-Suárez combination resulted in an impressive 23 goals. But Pedro and Samuel Eto’o also used Messi's 14 and 14 passports. 13 times to net.
Of course, one also has to look at the victims of the Messi assists, because 36 LaLiga teams have already felt in his career that it is far from enough to keep him from scoring goals. Getafe has already had to put up with this painful experience 12 times, but Levante (11) and arch-rivals Real Madrid (10) have also experienced his qualities as template providers first-hand.
It remains to be noted that Messiplayed against 40 different teams in LaLiga during his career; He poured 37 of them at least one goal himself and 36 fell victim to his assists.
If you add his 387 goals in LaLiga to these 151 assists, you get 538 direct goal participations in just 421 games!

You won't be surprised by this new record any more than we are, but aren't you still impressed by what a single player can achieve?