Let's eat male chickens

@ ing793: true, you are right. But theoretically there could really be differences in taste. Mutton / lamb!
To my brief answer: In Bulgaria I was often served both.
With normal preparation such as grilling or cooking, at least for my taste buds, there is no noticeable difference, hence the clear "no".
Take care.
Chickens taste like ...... chicken.
hammel / lamb is old / young, not male / female, hammel!
@ Non-blonde: true. Still, I've never eaten mutton chops, always only lamb chops, leg of lamb or rack of lamb. The taste of mutton is a bit "strict"!
Then how do you know that mutton tastes "tough" if you have always eaten lamb and never a mutton Amos?
@elfi: I just made that up. * fg *
No, Ing is wrong.
We almost exclusively get chicken to eat. In the chicken breeds that are suitable for the laying farm, the meat growth is insufficient, so that these breeds are not suitable for the slaughterhouse. That's where the chickens are killed. After the laying time, the chickens are only processed into animal feed or soap, as the meat is no longer edible.
In the breeds that are bred for slaughter, the chickens are slower to grow and therefore unproductive. In the breeds, only the chickens are raised and the chickens are separated and destroyed. That's why we only know chickens.
We disregard the vanishingly small number of hybrid breeds, as they neither lay enough eggs nor have enough meat.