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A viral infection of the respiratory tract is most likely to blame if your baby continues to cough. Thick mucus is produced in the lungs, which irritates the airways and makes you cough. In principle, coughing is a natural reaction of the body so that the secretion changed by the illness does not build up in the airways: it is supposed to transport a foreign body or the pathogen with the mucus outside.

A brief cough or a single fit of coughing is usually nothing to worry about. However, if your little one continues to cough, it should be examined by a doctor. This is especially true if your child has a fever and generally looks ill: A respiratory infection must be treated. First of all, an exact diagnosis is important because diseases such as bronchiolitis, pseudo croup or whooping cough can be very difficult in babies and small children.

Unfortunately, the cleaning mechanism of the cough only works when the viscous mucus becomes more fluid. Until then, the cough often remains unproductive (dry cough) and can actually injure the previously damaged airways because protective mucus layers are torn away by strong coughing. In addition, nocturnal cough attacks disturb sleep. Therefore, coughs should also be combated sometimes. We tell you everything about cough treatment with medicines and home remedies.

Neck wrap

Make cough syrups yourself

Chest wrap

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By the way: You don't always have to think about an infection right away! Your child may have simply choked, or there are small foreign bodies, bits of food or a bundle of mucus in their throat. First, look for bits of food in the back of your mouth. Then give tea. If the baby continues to cough, ask the pediatrician.

Last updated: 06-11-19, BH