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If you are not feeling well, your GP will tell you what is wrong with you. If your PC is ailing, you can “Dr. Hardware "ask. The system analysis program checks the health of your computer and tells you which components and additional devices are installed and how the system is performing. This is helpful, for example, if you sell your old PC but don't know the exact features or if you want to buy a used computer. In this way you can determine the size of the main memory, display the version of the operating system and display the address of the network card.

Do you get the impression that your PC has been slowing down recently? You can then use the software's system performance test (“benchmark”) to determine whether this is really the case. It tests the performance of important parts of your computer. The processor is put through its paces as well as hard drives, memory modules, CD drives, graphics cards and other PC components. Good: The performance tests allow a comparison with differently equipped example computers.

With the variety of data, the program's help function proves to be practical, as it contains interesting explanations of PC components. The report function, which outputs the data of selected elements on the printer or in a file, is also useful. Furthermore, Dr. Hardware in a special analysis routine also points and ratings for the performance and equipment of your PC. The software is easy to use; however, it also provides extensive findings that require some knowledge to be understood.

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