What is not considered retail sales

Monthly sales development by retail sector in Austria 2020

Published by Statista Research Department, 11/10/2020
The effects of the corona pandemic have been noticeable in Austrian retail since March 2020. Due to restrictions in public life, almost all retail sectors have been struggling with lost sales since then. In April 2020, total sales in stationary retail fell by a fifth compared to the same month of the previous year. If only businesses are considered that do not serve the basic supply, this value rises to a loss of around 46 percent. The majority of companies in the Austrian retail sector are therefore expecting a drop in sales in 2020 as a whole. As early as March, sales in the Austrian retail sector had fallen significantly compared to the same month last year.

Real and nominal calculation

The sales development of the retail trade can be given with the help of two calculation methods. In order to determine the individual price change of everyday products, a shopping cart is often put together in order to compare the prices at different points in time. The "nominal" calculation compares the current sales values ​​with an index year (here with the average sales of the previous year 2018). Factors such as increased purchasing power of customers and price increases (inflation) are not taken into account in the nominal calculation, which is why the nominal calculation method is referred to as "not price-adjusted". In the "real" calculation of the sales development, possible price changes of the traded products are taken into account, however, the sales development should be compared with constant prices. The calculation of the “real” change in sales is therefore also referred to as “price-adjusted”.

Development of retail sales in Austria by economic sector from January to April 2020 (compared to the same month of the previous year)