Which is the world's best franchise model

The 500 leading franchise systems in Europe

Just as hit parades exude their own charm, tables and rankings of all kinds have always been fascinating. Which song is No. 1, which team leads the league, which DAX group is the front runner? Such a ranking actually also exists for the leading franchise systems in Europe: The Franchise Top 500!

Franchising is growing in popularity

While one could have counted on No. 3 of the most successful franchise concepts, McDonald's (gastronomy / fast food), No. 2 is a bit surprising, namely SUBWAY (gastronomy / fast food), but number 1 has one or others may not have heard of anything: 7-Eleven, a grocery store.

Business start-ups based on tried and tested ideas, for which one pays a one-off initial expense and monthly license fees, is enjoying increasing popularity. From 1,000 to 500,000 euros - as small or as large and even beyond that, the range of the investment amount required to get started as a franchisee can be.

700 million potential customers

Franchising is on the way to become more and more successful in Europe and as an industry it is becoming more and more important. No wonder, because the EU member states already have a population of 450 - 500 million - and these are all potential consumers. There are currently around 700,000 million consumers across Europe. A market that is increasingly being flooded by franchise concepts that are successful abroad. Conversely, Farnchise systems that have been tried and tested in Germany are now also expanding abroad, such as the HANS IM GL√úCK burger grill that we presented in a major franchise interview. His 50th store opening will take place in Singapore these days!

Europe's top 500

The most successful franchise concepts in Europe (based on the number of franchise businesses operated in Europe, as of 2015):

Source: Franchise Direct

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