Shouldn't teachers grade student homework

Pupils Complain: Some teachers give grades for distance learning achievement

HANOVER. So far it is planned that the schools in Lower Saxony will reopen on April 20th. This means that distance learning will resume in the country for at least one week after the Easter break. Tasks that are given to the students are not compulsory for them and may not be graded. However, this was not taken into account by all schools before the holidays, complains the state student council.

"May exams and grades be given? No, both are teaching activities that are forbidden. ”This is how clearly the Lower Saxony state school authority answers a question on its homepage that is bothering many students and parents these days. However, not all teachers in the country seem to have adhered to the standard. In addition, the following applies: "Tasks set by the schools are of a voluntary nature and must not be included in the performance evaluation."

"School administrators and teachers disregard orders"

However, the regional student council complains: "Although there should be knowledge of these regulations, unfortunately many school administrators and teachers ignore them and still assign compulsory tasks." In numerous letters, pupils complained that teachers not only issue compulsory tasks, but also announced that they would grade the submitted assignments. Often the teachers don't know any better. Occasionally, however, there are also cases in which schools apparently deliberately ignored the ministry's requirements.

“I pointed out the requirements of the Ministry of Culture to my teacher and my department head. In response, I was told that in later life you also have to deal with it and that we therefore have to do the tasks, ”reports the student from a vocational high school. Another pupil says that the deputy headmaster of her school, when he was made aware of the orders of the Ministry of Culture, only asked “whether you are serious” - and left all further messages unanswered.

"Most teachers just want to do a good job"

However, there are also bright spots. Student representatives from a school reported that after a clarifying phone call, the school management "once again reminded the entire staff of the applicable regulations". "Of course, we assume that the vast majority of teachers do not willfully violate the Ministry's requirements, but simply want to do a good job," says Celina Kruithof from the State School Council.

He points out that it is not easy for all students to complete tasks that are set online. “A friend of mine has to take care of his little siblings because their parents work. And a friend has to share the family computer with three other siblings. Neither of them have the opportunity to work on the full scope of online tasks now, ”says Henriette Jochens from the regional student council. News4teachers

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As long as the schools are closed, students do not have to fear bad grades - also no sitting down