Should I finish one thing?

Translation of "end thing" in english

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Time goes by and then I will End thing.
Time will pass, and I'll be able to shut this off thing down.
Load provisions and the End thing.
You can stop the car at any time and the End thing.
We should End thing, here and now.
We thought about how we could do this End thing could.
And we thought about how to end all this issue...
He would have the whole End thing can.
I know how you like this End thing could.
You have to go back and that End thing.
Before I left, she wanted them End thing.
Before I left she told me she had quit it.
So let's proceed logically and that End thing.
If I had $ 5 million, I would End thing.
How about we ... turn that around End thing, relax a little, tell even more cool stories.
What if we ... I don't know ... head back, call it a day, relax at the Great Hall, tell some more really cool stories.
I have this bad one End thingthat I created.
I must end this terrible thing that I have created.
Putin would then End thing.
Putin would then do the rest.
People there are drunk building Lego. And you should End thing before you throw up.
There's people getting drunk building Lego, and you've got to finish the thing before you puke.
We must the End thingbefore it reaches that point.
Then he decided that he would End thing got to.
If we can get it before them, we can End thing.
If we can get it before they do, we can finish this thing.
I firmly believe that only mothers can do this End thing can.
If it should continue to have meaning and you the End thing want to go on a hunger strike.
If you still want it to have some meaning ... if you want to finish what we began, you can go on a hunger strike.
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