What was a moment your heart broke

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So many have not recognized Me, that when finally, one does, My heart bursts for joy to be in communion with such a one as this!
So many did not recognize me when it finally does one thing, explodes My heart for the joy of having fellowship with such a person!
My heart bursts with happiness as I watch how people with severe disabilities, which often can only move with the help of a wheelchair or other means, experience indescribable joy and happiness when using the Quan.
My Heart laughs, while I watch how people with severe disabilities, who can often only move forward in a wheelchair, radiate indescribable joy and happiness with the Quan.
My heart bursts for my child.
Got to I pay for the child!
And be together each and every day Start laughing and running Till our heart bursts
"Every day, too much laughter, even when you run away, and mine Heart dissolves."

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Just remembering it makes my heart burst a vessel.
Seeing your sleeping child and feeling your heart burst with joy.
To see your sleeping child and burst with happiness.
The birth of their first baby was a precious gift that made theirs hearts burst with joy.
The birth of her first child was a gift that she received with great joy fulfilled.
As I emerged from the depths of the ocean I sensed my heart burst open with a love that was beyond all limitation.
When I emerged from the depths of the ocean, I felt mine Break open heart with a love beyond all limits. I laughed.
Once released, they'll slaughter every living thing in their path until their hearts burst from their efforts.
Once released, they slaughter everything living on their way ... until you heart from exertion bursts.
I saw Tribes joining tribes and small nations forming, but it was what I didn't see that made my heart burst, there were no more wars, true peace and happiness had finally befallen on mankind.
I saw clans joining clans and forming small nations, but what I didn't see was mine Heart touched.It there were no more wars; true peace and happiness had finally come upon humanity.
Wouldn't it be the irony of all ironies- walk ... till our hearts burst carrying all this gold?
Wouldn't that be the irony of all ironies? Run ... to ours Bursting hearts and wear all the gold?
And in his presence may our hearts burst forth in prayer: "Show us, Lord, your mercy, and grant us your salvation" (Ps 85: 8).
And may before his presence from ours Hearts the You're welcome rising up: “Show us, Lord, your grace and grant us your salvation! «(Ps 85: 8).
On the evening of the 12th, our first session began. My heart burst open in gratitude to these shining beings who had actually come on the physical to participate in the master cylinder.
Our first session began on the evening of the 12th. My Heart broke and opened up in gratitude for these luminous beings who had actually come on the physical plane to participate in the master cylinder.
Yes, if it were not waiting to be pierced with a lance, the flames of your love and the blood that boils around it would have run their course and made yours heart burst.
Oh, if it were not for the counsel of God that a lance should pierce this heart, then the flames would make a way for your body and yours Make the heart burst.
Horrified that her friends will see her this way, her heart burst.
to see so ghastly, it fell breathlessly ground.
A willingness of the heart that burst thunderously upon us all.
He felt his heart would burst if he couldn't have her.
He felt as if his heart would burst with sheer joy and elation any moment now.
Be heart felt like it was going to be filled with happiness and joy at any moment burst.
Their hearts wants positively burst from the rapture.
Your Heart will jump higher for joy.
I turned angry with him for his lack of heart almost burst in pain for the nurse. I had made this poor professional nurse loose it in front of a patient, me.
I got angry with him for his lack of it heart hurt the nurse, I had made this poor professional nurse lose her professionalism in front of a patient, me.
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