What are Donald Trump's qualifications for president

In many American schools every morning the Pledge of Allegiance collectively speaking, the oath of allegiance to the flag and the country. This secular creed also sounds at events, at the opening of sessions in Congress, and at the naturalization of New Americans. "One nation under God, indivisible", it says, one nation under God, indivisible.

That is no longer true, the election of Donald Trump proves it. The United States is split in two halves, which in turn consist of many groups and strata, some of whom consider themselves "the" people and like to claim God for themselves. In the person of Trump, the great splitter has been elected president. From now on, the oath of loyalty should read: many nations under many Gods, divisive - many ethnic groups with different gods, polarized and polarizing.

Donald Trump is a nationalist posing as a patriot. His patriotism has racist traits, as can be seen not only in his comments, for example, about Americans of Mexican descent. As a nationalist, he also speaks out in favor of economic isolation and a (penal) customs system. As far as the organization of free trade, especially TTIP, is concerned, the right-wing populist Trump is probably the most powerful ally of Attac or the Greens: His election means the end of TTIP.

The king of legal underhands becomes president

Trump thinks little of the alliance system in which the US is integrated in Europe and elsewhere, as far as he knows it at all. He wants to see the utility for his country, which can be counted in dollars - or America through it great make, for example, that he lets NATO be NATO. Speaking of dollars and the financing of the common good: Trump's self-praise that he only cleverly exploited the system with his tax avoidance ennobles all casual taxpayers. While Europe is making laws to prevent this from happening, the king of legal hiding is moving into the White House.

This brief description of Trump's world is not a horror scenario of a shocked member of the aloof elite. No, everyone who has followed Trump's election campaign has heard this or a similar thing over and over again. If the man should keep his word after his inauguration in January and try to do what he announced, the United States will, among other things, withdraw step by step from the community of politics and values ​​in which it was still in office during George's tenure W. Bush remained. He was the most questionable president in recent US history. Donald Trump has all the potential to outperform Bush - or to fall below it, whatever you want to see it.

Now we will have to wait and see whether Trump, the nationalist and TV choleric, will actually win in Trump, the President. Offices can civilize people. Sometimes, however, they also have the opposite effect, which you see in different ways on such different Trump avatars as Vladimir Putin or Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Dialogue and cooperation with both governments, the one in Moscow and the one in Ankara, is important, indeed essential. This also applies to Washington. It is miserable that something like this has to be emphasized on the day after the election.

The White House cannot be run like a casino

Even if Trump sounded like that in the election campaign, he will hopefully not join the Authoritarian International in office. That is rather unlikely because in the USA, despite all the imponderables, the system of checks and balances, the control of the executive, works. The White House cannot be run like an Atlantic City casino, with Trump organizing a calculated bankruptcy for his own benefit.

Those states in Europe that have hitherto been America's close allies must now adapt. Almost every four years it is said that the US is either turning more to Asia or more to itself. In all the decades before, however, a protectionist nationalist was never elected president. In addition, the Republican-dominated Congress will unconditionally follow Trump for the time being.

The relationship between Europe and the USA will not only become more competitive, but also more confrontational. That is why the EU - even if it is in a smaller group of core states - has to develop a strategy. This begins with trade policy without TTIP, continues through defense and security (NATO will lose a lot of its importance) and does not end with the secret services. Perhaps it is not yet a farewell to America, but it is an inventory before a community of property is abolished.