Who is a fashionable person

Fashionable person: who is he? Fashionable and stylish people

When thinking about the ideal image, the question often arises: “What is more relevant to be fashionable or to stay stylish?

Modern fashion is diverse and changeable, events and trends replace each other like the frame of a film. What was fashionable today is no longer relevant tomorrow. Not so long ago fashion seasons had a common ideology and style, but today practically everything is in fashion, just fabrics, decor, the name of the fashion house, length, color changes. It is impossible to keep up with fashion as it is very dynamic and spontaneously arises under the influence of the prevailing public mood and rapidly changing tastes, hobbies or in protest against the above. Fashion dictates and imposes millions of images, creating the illusion of unity. To be fashionable means navigating the flow of changing images, always wearing only original fashion brands from the latest collections, carefully monitoring your appearance and changing it according to the latest trends. However, this does not mean combining all of the above elements correctly. Such pleasure is incredibly costly and unavailable to many, and the result may not always be positive and often harmful. For example, remember the fashion for silicone implants and tattoos, for a year now natural facial features and figure outlines, pale skin without tattoos have been in vogue and “silicone ladies” are making a fool of themselves.

Fashion is changeable, it chases it, people often lose themselves and sometimes endanger their own lives. The fashion industry is selfish and focuses solely on commercial success. It uses all the advances in science and technology to create new, previously unknown materials that are not always comfortable and hygienic. Sometimes a fashionable female image is some kind of chimera that evokes horror and disgust, or a brightly colored bright clown that makes you laugh at the sight, or an image so sloppy and provocative that you want to get dressed and comb your hair.

Many in search of fashion surround themselves with fakes and copies, believing that no one will notice. This is the greatest deception, a copy and a forgery can be seen immediately, as they are always significantly different from the original and sometimes do not exactly correspond to it. A pretentious person in branded matters looks ridiculous and funny, whose logos have a significant spelling error, whose seams are a little asymmetrical, and whose shape and silhouette generally want the best. But it often happens that all the brands are original, and the image looks angular and ironic - this is due to the fact that fashionable and prestigious things do not correspond to the figure and facial features, distorting the natural image of a person into an ambiguous one.

On the contrary, style does not distort, but only complements the natural beauty of the image and also clearly corresponds to a person's inner content. Style is not subject to current and fashion trends; fashion only complements and enhances it. A stylish person is a holistic work of art in which life position and area of ​​activity, body and soul, self-esteem and tact, make-up and facial features, clothing and accessories are organically intertwined. Stylish people don't always wear fashionable branded items, but they are always harmonious and neat, even in a kind of chaotic carelessness.

Style is freedom from imposed stereotypes, it's individuality and originality. Stylish people instantly stand out from the crowd, become ideals and objects of admiration and imitation, and give designers creative inspiration. Stylish people have changed entire epochs and have greatly influenced fashion, such as Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Jacqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivienne Westwood, Dita von Deese and Lady GaGa. You always stick to a fashion trend and only choose from a huge range that which harmoniously complements the image. Individual style is a compass in the fashion world that makes it possible to stop and curb fashion, to choose only the necessary and necessary things from the fashion collections, to dress not only with branded items, but also with bespoke or vintage items. Often times, a stylish person's wardrobe is not very large, but at the same time it is practical, durable and unique. To be stylish means to correspond one hundred percent to your essence and not to be afraid of your own self or to hide behind the tinsel of someone else's simulated worldview.

Fashion is changeable - style is eternal!

A fashionable person has always been a kind of model, a standard, everyone aspired to this ideal. People have always chased fashion. This has always been the case in all countries. But at different times and in each state there were their own ideas about fashion.

Let us remember, for example, the USSR.

The Soviets, unwilling to keep up with fashion, ordered clothes from tailors and supplied them with samples from the Burda print publication, as finding fashionable clothes in stores was as unrealistic as Yves Saint Laurent's products were in the market today in Nizhny Novgorod. Mature and elderly people remember this time. The inhabitants of the USSR saw the Polish print media as a kind of window into the realm of fashion. In general, this land served as a kind of door through which one could dive into the "rotting" west. What are fashionable people called? In the past you often heard words like "dandy", "dandy". And today, fashionable people are called hipsters. They can often be found in large cities. Of course, most of them are in the capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg. It just so happened that there are a lot of fashionable and stylish people there. The province is lagging behind in this regard. Even in other cities with populations over a million, it's quite difficult to meet real hipsters.

Some try to be like them, but often it turns out to be very awkward and ridiculous so it just makes a smile.

The relevance of voluminous things

What kind of cars were, of course, especially GAZ-21s. To a person used to traditional sedans, Volgas seem like very large cars. By the way, the fashion for voluminous and huge things was widespread in America at that time. It has not lost its relevance there to this day, but everything has gotten smaller in Russia: thin cigarettes, tight-fitting skirts and dresses, tiny lipsticks and much more. A fashionable person is one who notices even the seemingly insignificant changes in relation to current trends. You have to be very careful and collected to notice all of this.

Portrait of a stylish girl

Let's try to imagine that this is carefully following modern fashion, trying to literally add every newest touch to its image. This is, of course, a bleached blonde with a few strands of raspberry in her hair.

She wears square glasses with dark frames and often smokes electronic cigarettes. She wears a blouse that says "I am a fairy" and a skirt with up to 48 pockets and maybe more. Impressive, isn't it? But there are two more pockets in each of them. And they certainly contain various little things. A fashionable person always carries a lot of necessary and not very things with him.

And a little more about the fashionista

The girl has striped stockings and beautifully laced sneakers on her feet. She is holding an energy drink or Coca-Cola in her hand. An earphone shows up in the girl's ear. She holds the smartphone in the same hand as the cigarette. She feels so good. The fashionista is on the phone when you think she is talking to you. An uncomfortable situation arises. And when a girl answers you, it seems like she is on the phone. At the same time, she types a message in ICQ with her thumb. There are many colored balls on the right side of the fashionista. You can wipe your nose occasionally. And on the left side there is a tattoo in the form of a Chinese character. The girl thinks that translated it means "I am the most charming". In fact, in the drawing room, they decided to joke and drew the hieroglyph "Kick me". This is the fashion ...

The most fashionable people

The most fashionable and stylish Russians have recently been selected.

These are people who think carefully about their image. The most fashionable man was the athlete Evgeni Plushenko. The skater is sure that he will be recognized more than once for his great looks. We can only wish him luck. There was also a nomination for Style Icon, which the revered actress won. She was really happy about it. A fashionable person is always happy when society recognizes him as such. This means that the effort has not been in vain. The most fashionable couple is currently called and is husband and wife. By the way, this is not their first win. Nikolai Baskov presented them with an award, but noted that he felt more worthy of this award. The most fashionable woman was called the artist Svetlana Khodchenkova. She never hoped she could win. The actress said that she does not always follow fashion, but chooses things according to her taste. She was just lucky. Or maybe her inner instinct allows her to unconsciously choose stylish clothes and overshadow many beauties who specially study fashion magazines. It is possible that some even envy the actress. A fashionable person usually tries very hard to be, but for some it is quite simple and straightforward. Perhaps such people have talent that, as you know, fate does not give everyone.

Many people put beautiful things aside for special occasions. Stylish people never do that. You are not afraid to look elegant and luxurious every day. They manifest themselves through clothing wherever they go: for a walk with the dog, a party with friends or the theater.

2. You can save on everything except shoes

Every stylish person has a whole collection of expensive and high quality shoes, from sneakers to elegant shoes. If you omit the fact that shoes like this last a long time and look better, who doesn't take pride in walking the main streets of your hometown in beautiful "" while feeling like they are in slippers? Never skimp on shoes. Choose it based on your style and your inner feeling.

3. Keep it short

Simplicity is the key to splendor. When you combine high quality simple things, you can never go wrong. Minimalist looks are a great way to look elegant, even after you've spent 10 minutes getting ready.

4. Always be yourself

Don't try to be someone else. Clothing should reflect your essence, emphasize your personality, give you the freedom to be yourself and to feel good. Trying to get into someone else's skin, a person can no longer be stylish a priori. Style is a reflection of personality, a reflection of life in appearance.

5. Wear transparent

Indeed, this is aerobatics, but all really stylish people have mastered this technique. There is a classic rule that transparent looks stylish and expensive and not vulgar. Any transparent blouse should be combined with strict classic things: blazer or classic jacket, pipe pants, pencil skirt, etc.

6. Emphasize your waistline

Don't suspend, but emphasize. Whatever you say, crop tops are not examples of good taste. Choose a belt and jeans with the right fit to balance proportions and accentuate the grace of your waist.

7. Forget about stereotypes

Experiment, see for yourself. Use unexpected combinations in your clothes. Even if such experiments fail sometimes, it is still better than staying in a faceless gray mass with no expression of your own. Don't get caught up in trends, just focus on your own feelings.