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Tyrion Lannister (in the original: Tyrion Lannister) is a main character starting with the first season of game of Thrones. He is portrayed by Peter Dinklage and appears for the first time in the first episode of the series.

In the series


Tyrion is the youngest son of Lord Tywin Lannister and the younger brother of Jaime and Cersei Lannister. He is short of stature, which exposes him to problems that are, however, weakened by his high social standing and the wealth and power of his family. He doesn't have a good relationship with his father, who blamed him for his mother's death and wanted to throw him into the sea on the day he was born. Regardless of their differences, Tyrion still enjoys the protection that comes with being a Lannister. Tyrion spends a lot of time in King's Landing and on Casterlystein. He and Jaime have an almost normal brotherly relationship, Jaime also stands up for Tyrion when necessary. The relationship with Cersei, on the other hand, is characterized by mutual hatred and disgust, as she also blames Tyrion for her mother's death. He has a weakness for prostitutes and drinking bouts, but he is also educated, intelligent, and cunning.

Even as a child and adolescent, Tyrion was despised by his families, with the exception of Jaime. He was particularly impressed by his first relationship with a woman and his family's reaction to it. At the age of 16, he and his brother had rescued a young woman from two persecutors. While Jaime pursued the culprits, Tyrion spent the night with the girl in an inn. A short time later he married her. In reality she was a prostitute, Jaime had arranged the whole thing to make his brother happy. When his father, Tywin, found out, he turned the girl over to the guards and let Tyrion watch. For every man she did her service to, she received a silver coin. In the end, her hands were full of silver - Tyrion was deeply hurt, ashamed, and humiliated, and still is.[1][Note 2]

Tyrion later held the post of Master of Sewers and Cisterns on Casterly Stone. Although the post was not particularly glorious, Tyrion did his job well and with flying colors. He rehabilitated and expanded the sewer system under Casterlystein and knew it better than anyone.[2][3]

season 1

After Tyrion has arrived in Winterfell with the royal family, he first gets to know a few female residents (mostly prostitutes in the brothels). Persuaded by Jaime, he comes to the festival on Winterfell and meets Jon Schnee, to whom he advises, from his own experience, to view his origins as a bastard son not as a disgrace, but as armor that makes it impossible for others to hurt themselves for as long you accept yourself.[4]

After the feast and after Bran was knocked off the tower, he "convinced" Joffrey to express his regret to the Starks. When the royal entourage moves on with Ned Stark and Jon, he follows Jon and Benjen Stark to the wall.[5]

Finally, he travels back south with Yoren from the Night's Watch and wants to take a break on Winterfell while he gives Bran blueprints for a saddle that Bran can ride again. Since he was received only reluctantly by Robb Stark, he prefers to stay in an inn before continuing his journey.[6]

In an inn on the Royal Route, Tyrion then meets Lady Stark, who accuses him of attempted murder of Bran.[6] He is arrested and taken by Lady Stark over the Moon Mountains to the Blood Gate. There they are attacked by members of the hill tribes and can only win this battle at the last second. On the Hohenehr, the seat of the House of Arryn, Tyrion is to be judged at the request of Lysa Arryn, but before that, to elicit a confession, he is locked in the heavenly cells and there is guarded by an overseer named Murder.[7]

After he finally got murder after a few attempts to let him speak in front of Lysa Arryn, the mistress of Hohenehr, Tyrion mocks himself and Lysa by confessing to her all his minor sins. Lysa reacts irritably and is led by Tyrion to a judgment of the gods (arbitration with the sword). Tyrion chooses his brother Jaime as his fighter. Lysa wants to force an immediate verdict and a volunteer on the honor should fight for him. The mercenary Bronn reports. Bronn, who fights for Tyrion, eventually kills Ser Vardis, Lysa's warrior, and leaves with Tyrion.[8]

On their way back to the riverside, the two set up camp and are attacked, this time by rock crows. But Tyrion manages to win them over and thus get other tribes living there to follow him. Then they move south with the new allies to Tywin Lannister's army.[9]

His father gave him the job of taking command of his savages and holding the southern flank of Tywin's army. The night before the battle, he meets Shae, an attractive and somewhat mysterious woman who was in the tent with Bronn when he enters. During a drinking game, Tyrion tells the story of his first wife, Tysha.[1]

Contrary to expectations, on the day of the battle, Tyrion holds the southern flank assigned by his father, which was partly due to the fact that the attacking Stark troops were only a diversionary maneuver and the actual battle took place at a different location. He is then commissioned by him to act as the hand of King Joffrey Baratheon. As a condition, however, Tywin Lannister gives him to understand that under no circumstances may he take Shae (who Tywin calls "the whore"), with whom he has shared a bed since the night they met, to King's Landing. Tyrion defies his father and hides Shae at his travel car.[10]

season 2

When he arrives in King's Landing on Joffrey's name day and informs him about his position as a hand, Cersei reacts snubbed to this circumstance.[11]

Tyrion, on the other hand, wants to see who is trustworthy among the members of the council. He prepares three different contracts, which would all violate Cersei and presents these to different council members independently of each other. After Pycelle proves to be untrustworthy, since he informed Cersei of the plan that had been revealed to him, Tyrion puts him in the black cells of the keep and implements his plan to bring Myrcella to Dorne, where she is supposed to marry Prince Trystane Martell (also to bind the House of Martell back to him).[12] He also gets rid of the unreliable Janos Slynt, who serves as the commander of the city watch, by simply sending him to the night watch, as he had already been bought against Ned Stark. He uses Bronn as the commander of the gold coats.[13]

Tyrion stops the public humiliation of Sansa, who is beaten for her brother's victory, and reminds Joffrey that the mad king also thought he could do what he wanted. He later blackmailed Lancel Lannister knowing that he was having an affair with Cersei.[14]

On the departure from Myrcella to Dorne, due to increasing hunger, an uprising among the people of King's Landing begins and puts the royal family in serious danger on their return to the fortress. During the attack and the subsequent escape, Sansa is separated from the royal family and Tyrion is the first to notice this. He orders the bloodhound to look for her.[15]

In the following years he begins to mobilize the defense of the city against the advancing Stannis Baratheon and has the supplies of the pyromancers shown: Lots of sea fire.[16] In order to keep Shae around, he lets her make her maid after Sansa's rescue.

When Stannis begins his attack on King's Landing from the sea, Tyrion Stannis' fleet lets a single ship, loaded with sea fire, sail towards it and set it on fire from Bronn with an incendiary arrow. The seafire explosion destroyed many of Stannis 'ships and broke the morale of Stannis' soldiers. When the latter attacks nevertheless and the failure of the Lannister soldiers, led by the dog, is repulsed, Tyrion himself leads the men to another failure against Stannis, as Joffrey refused to lead this himself in order to strengthen the morale of his men. He and his men can fend off the first wave of attacks, but a second wave attacks immediately afterwards.

SerMandon Moor, a Knight of the Kingsguard, attacks Tyrion in the fray and injures him badly. Moore was hired by Joffrey to dispose of Tyrion in the heat of the battle, and make it look like an accident or the hand of a warrior from Stannis. The fact that Tyrion does not die in this fight is thanks to his squire Podrick, who can ultimately kill Mandon Moore.[17]

season 3

Since Tyrion was badly injured in the battle of King's Landing, it takes him a while to get back on his feet. Podrick Payn, his squire, is now looking after him in his new shabby rooms, since his father has now taken over the office of the hand. He sends to Bronn, who has meanwhile been made a knight, because he is afraid that his sister Cersei is behind the attack on him and now wants to try to kill him for good this time. He wants Bronn to post his best gold coats as guards in front of his door, not knowing that his father has long since relieved Bronn of command. Tywin also got rid of his allies from the hill tribes. Cersei comes to see him, but only to talk to him. Cersei learned from Tywin that Tyrion would like to visit their father. She worried that he might tell something about her secrets, after some amusing insults, Cersei disappears, since she has nothing to fear.

After meeting his sister, he visits his father and tries to talk to him. But instead of praising Tyrion for the good ideas and work that were responsible for saving the city, Tywin belittles his son, as always, and accuses him of just whoring and drinking all the time. In the end, Tyrion asks his father, Tywin, to give him his rightful inheritance: Casterlystein. He is the rightful heir, after Jaime put on the white coat of the Kingsguard and is now not allowed to own a wife, children or land. His father reacts angrily and indignantly and tells him that he would rather allow himself to be exploited by maggots than appoint him as an heir and thus make his whole family a mockery. When Tyrion asks why, his father answers even more furiously. He killed his own mother in childbirth, he was a sick, hateful, little creature full of envy, lust and slyness and unfortunately Tyrion was allowed to carry his name and his banner because he could not prove that he was not his son. The gods would have cursed him by letting him watch his son waddling around wearing the proud lion, which was the coat of arms of his father and his father before him and no man and no single god could make him give him Casterlystein, so he can turn it into a whore house. Tyrion, offended by these words, leaves his father's room, but before he reaches the door, Tywin shouts that he is hanging the next whore he finds in Tyrion's bed.[18]

A few days later, Shae visits Tyrion in his new, much more noble apartment. Tyrion is worried about his father's threat and it is only after he has asked her if she is quite sure that no one has seen her that he relaxes a little. Shae asks him to protect Sansa as Ros warned Shae about Lord Baelish when he was speaking to her. Tyrion tries to appease her, but Shae becomes jealous when he remarks. Tyrion tries to talk his way out of it, whereby the viewer realizes how much they care about this woman.[19]

Tyrion is invited to the meeting of the high council by his father and after he has positioned himself in his chair, Tywin submits to the council and Tyrion that he intends to form an alliance with Lysa Arryn and to send Lord Baelish to her because he has her knows from before. Tyrion notices that there would be no master of the coin, then his father declares him the new master. Tyrion seems shocked at the beginning, but accepts the challenge anyway. Thereupon Tyrion visits the brothel of Lord Baelish in the following days, in which he has hidden all of his financial books. Several carts of books and papers are carried out by Bronn and taken to Tyrion's chambers. Before that, however, Tyrion thanks Podrick for his rescue in the Battle of Blackwater by providing him with three whores. When he goes through the documents with Bronn, a satisfied Podrick appears and puts the full wallet with which he was supposed to pay the whores on his table. Puzzled, Tyrion asks him if he has not accepted the gift, but Podrick says no and says that the three women did not want the money. Tyrion and Bronn look at each other in confusion and disbelief and ask Podrick first.[20]