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Abitur in Hamburg

General and special features of the Abi

In the second largest city in Germany, the upper profile level has ended in recent years with the study level that enables you to take the Abitur.

At the grammar schools it comprises grades 11 and 12, at the district schools and the vocational grammar schools 12 and 13. The 2 years of the study stage are divided into 4 half-years (HJ) and evaluated. You collect your points in two blocks: first in your courses, then in the exams.

You take two advanced courses in the study level, which also make up two of your examination subjects; In addition, there are two exams in your basic courses and an optional extra learning performance. In total, you can come up with five examination subjects.

In Hamburg you combine the subjects and seminars with a common focus when choosing your profiles. The seminars show you special methodologies that make learning easier for you, for example.

Course choice and contribution obligations

In this first block you can collect a maximum of 600 points (which would consistently correspond to a 1+ or 15 points in all subjects), which you can achieve through your achievements within the courses.

In the linguistic / literary / artistic field of activity, you have to take German as a subject as well as another foreign language in all four HJs and include them in the Abitur grade. You can decide whether you want to take 4 HJ in art, music or theater, whose grades you also have to bring in.

If you did not take up a second foreign language in secondary level 1, you have to do so now: 4 HJs of which you only have to bring in two.

In the social subjects you can choose between philosophy and religion, which four HJs have to be documented, but does not have to be rated later. However, all four HJs have to be evaluated by history, PWG (politics / society / economy) or geography.

From the third task area are the subjects mathematics and a natural science, in which you can choose between biology, chemistry and physics, to prove and also to evaluate for all four HJs.

In all 4 HJ of the study level you have to choose a sports course. The following applies here: a maximum of three half-years can be counted, but none is compulsory.

If a seminar has been set up in your profile, you will attend all four HJs and have to include its grades. If you don't have that, these hours per week have been divided up into other subjects.

If you have reached all mandatory assignments, you add up all of the points.

Written and oral exams

A maximum of 300 points can be achieved within your exams, as all grades count five times. If you achieve a special learning achievement, the exams will be scored four times.

You will be tested in at least two of three core subjects (math, German or a foreign language that is continued). At least one of these must be in writing, another may also be given in the form of a presentation. The exam in your profile-giving subject, which you have chosen beforehand, is also in writing. Your special learning performance is considered an optional 5th examination subject, and you can also choose the subject for it.

It is only important that you cover all three task areas with the exams. Regardless of whether you are being tested in 4 or 5 subjects: you are only allowed to achieve less than 5 points in two of them (with a single evaluation), you are not allowed to have 0 points in any.

In this second block you can achieve a total of 300 points in each subject with full points.

additional conditions

If you now add your points from block 1 and block 2 together, the sum gives the result of your high school diploma. To pass it, at least 300 of the maximum 900 points must be achieved. This would correspond to a section of 4.0

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