Which emotion is the strongest

Love - the strongest feeling in the worldKiss, boom, bang - love is

Some people claim that love has something to do with "feeling like you're on cloud nine". Reason for us in the Kakadu to take a closer look at these different love clouds.

Cloud 1

Family love - This means especially the love that parents have for their children. If everything goes well, then that is the very first and totally unconditional love.

"Our parents build a love for us because they like us very much, because they created us." (Randi)

Babies don't have to be able to or do anything, they are loved because they are simply there. But also the love of children for parents, for siblings or aunts and uncles is one of them. Just family.

Cloud 2

The love of friendship - people, whether big or small, find it a nice feeling to be close to someone, to feel connected to other people. BFF, so to speak.

Cloud 3

The love of being in love - This is where the feelings of smacking in the stomach, the desire to hold hands and cuddle, blush and palpitations come into play. This kind of love can be described, but actually you have to experience this inner exploding while reading a love letter or hearing "I love you".

Cloud 4

"True love" - ​​This means the great love described in stories, books, films and plays. So à la Romeo and Juliet, a love that is so great, intimate and world-determining that it goes beyond death.

Cloud 5

Lovesickness - When love no longer only has beautiful feelings that suddenly hurt, leaves you in despair because your own love is not heard, when the person you love suddenly loves others and ... just drama.

Cloud 6

A promise of love forever and ever - whether it is a wedding or a registered partnership, the decision to say that I will stay with this person for the rest of my life and we promise that to each other in front of all our friends, in front of the whole world.

"Yes, you just notice it when you can imagine growing old with them ... what it would be like if you were walking around the world as grandma and grandpa." (Anna, bride)

That’s something very special. Many people never take this step, while others take it several times.

cloud 7

The "I become a we love" - ​​When the big feelings are perhaps no longer there, the butterflies have faded, it no longer tingles so strongly, but you enjoy each other. When two people continue to rejoice every day that they are there for each other together. If instead of exchanging deepest vows of love, they simply continue to love one another, touch one another, grow old in love with one another.

"That can only be love, otherwise we wouldn't be together anymore!" Gudrun, married for 58 years. "

(thomas fuchs)