What does a neuro-ophthalmologist do


With the eye check, we have put together a comprehensive service package for preventive health care for your eyes. The focus is on the early detection of possible eye damage.

Our most important sense organ is the eye, it is our gateway to the world. We receive around 80% of all information from our environment through it and we often only believe what we have seen with our own eyes. An impairment of the eyesight or even its loss represents a considerable reduction in the quality of life. Are you sure that your eyesight is sufficient for driving or could it be better? We examine all sections of the eye with slit lamp microscopy for possible diseases as well as the eyesight relevant for road traffic:

  • Visual acuity in daylight conditions
  • The two-eyed collaboration
  • The field of vision of both eyes
  • Twilight vision (with and without glare)
  • The presence of night myopia

Each of us should have our eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist, because good vision does not always mean that the eyes are completely healthy. Some eye diseases do not affect vision for a long time, but examinations may reveal and treat them before damage occurs. Our eye check includes basic examinations that give us important information about the health of your eyes.

We prepare all reports for cars and trucks.

Screen work

Working on the screen can be accompanied by complaints. Use the biennial examination of VDU workstations to be arranged by your employer. You have the right to an occupational health report for driving, controlling and monitoring activities!