How are most people self-employed

Why people go into business for themselves

5. Money as a motivation to start your own business

Why do you become self-employed if you earn well as an employee? For two reasons: On the one hand, it is quite possible to earn more money with self-employment than was previously on the paycheck. Above all, however, the connection becomes much more noticeable: Those who work more successfully and more motivated also earn better. This thought especially attracts achievement-oriented people who are frustrated that they earn as much (or little) as their less motivated colleagues. In self-employment, you can see the results of your work directly and you can set your hourly rate yourself: For many people this is an important reason why they become self-employed.

6. Work more efficiently: An important motive for independence

Hand in hand with the previous point goes the idea of ​​being able to work better and more efficiently. More efficient means, for example, no longer being dependent on the lack of motivation from other team members. Working better can also mean dedicating oneself more intensively to each individual customer: spending more time with them, listening to them better and responding more to their wishes - a particularly important point for our life helpers, some of whom have previously worked in nursing and Spend very little time with each and every senior. Thanks to more self-determination, your own work becomes more meaningful, more valuable and, in the extension, possibly better paid. Another important reason why you become self-employed: The self-determined work makes it possible to rely more on your own strengths - which brings us to the next point.

7. “Why do I start my own business? I want to develop. "

Personal development is often neglected in an employee relationship and is a driving motive for independence. Because being self-employed always brings challenges: you have to learn new things, take on new tasks, and discover and develop your own skills more and more. Many people report that they only really got to know each other as part of their new job - and that this getting to know each other is an important reason to maintain independence. If you love change and want to surpass yourself, you should consider self-employed.

8. Variety as a motivation to start your own business

The reason why people dream of self-employment is often this nightmare: Coming to work at the same time every day, meeting the same people, doing the same tasks, drinking the same coffee from the same coffee cup at the same time ... The everyday life of the self-employed, however, is full of variety. One day is seldom the same as the next, something changes over and over again that must be responded to flexibly. It may be exhausting at times - but it doesn't get boring.

9. Career prospects: Why become self-employed when I can also work as an employee in my job?

For some people, working as an employee is no longer a real alternative: returning to work is difficult - for example after a long period of unemployment or parental leave - many are underqualified or overqualified. That in itself is one reason why self-employment remains the only alternative to working in the familiar area. But even those who are already employed are often not happy in the system: The workload is getting bigger with the same pay and overtime, there is less and less time for individual customers, superiors or colleagues make life difficult. Entering your own business offers a new professional perspective - and a strong why for self-employment.