The Bible says not to curse

Sometimes you can't help it, sometimes it just slips out: a curse or a bad word. But what if such a curse happens in God's name? Are Christians allowed to curse?

Even behind a supposedly harmless "damn it" there is actually a solid curse that means something like "you should be damned".
If you address this "damn" directly to someone, you put a curse on another person. In the Bible, that's exactly what happens to sinners: people who have done something that excludes them from what Christian principles provide.
By cursing these people, "sending them to the devil", you push them on the other, the worse side.

Jesses, Mary and Joseph

Can you do that as a Christian? With regard to the third commandment, "You shall not abuse the name of the Lord", curses are actually taboo. Because even in the so inconspicuous-sounding curses like "Jesses", "Maria und Josef" or "Herrjemine" the name of God appears in very different ways.

If you look into the Bible to answer this question on the basis of the Holy Scriptures, you get a very clear result. For example, Leviticus says:
"Whoever curses his God shall bear his sin. Whoever blasphemes the LORD's name shall die; the whole congregation shall stone him. As the stranger, so shall the native be; if he blasphemes the name, so shall he will die. "

Pope Francis

At the same time, however, Christians live in the certainty of the forgiveness of sins and so it is not surprising that Pope Francis recently said on this subject: "To quarrel with your fate before God and to curse is not a sin". The Pope believes a curse does not detract from piety and human need should not be viewed in a moralizing or academic way.