Is there an alternative to the cleaner

As you already know from our article on the hazard symbols on cleaning agents, conventional cleaning agents are harmful to ourselves and our environment. The synthetic substances in the cleaning agents dry out our mucous membranes and skin, making our bodies more susceptible to rashes and allergies. Conventional cleaning agents are so harmful to our environment because most of the detergents in them are based on petroleum and most products contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colorings. These environmentally harmful substances ultimately end up in our wastewater. In order to minimize this in the future, we want to show you good alternatives to the conventional cleaning agents that you are guaranteed to already have at home.

The 4 most famous home remedies for cleaning

You probably know that vinegar, citric acid and soda, each diluted with a little warm water, can be converted into very good all-purpose cleaners. But baking soda is just as good for cleaning.


The all-rounder vinegar will help you to make your kitchen, bathroom and garden clean and shine again. In a 1: 5 mixture with water you can use it to dissolve lime, fat and rust. At the same time, the surfaces are even disinfected, thus killing the bacteria. We explain step by step how you can descale your taps and shower head with the help of vinegar and a condom.

citric acid

Like vinegar, citric acid is also suitable as a descaler. It also helps to remove yellow stains from white laundry. All you have to do is make a water-citric acid mixture, apply it to the affected areas, let the mixture work a few hours before washing and then wash the clothes in the washing machine as normal. If you mix a teaspoon of water with a measuring cap and then add this solution to the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine, you can even use citric acid as a fabric softener for white laundry. This also effectively prevents limescale deposits in the machine. You can also use such a water-citric acid solution to clean windows. You can read here how to properly clean your windows.


Soda helps you to get greasy surfaces clean easily, to loosen encrustations or to make your white laundry shine again. All you have to do is mix a liter of water with two tablespoons of soda and you have your cleaning solution.

Baking soda

Soda can be used for cleaning in many ways. It has proven itself, for example, as an odor neutralizer in dishwashers or ashtrays. In addition, the powder replaces conventional oven cleaners by mixing a 1: 1 ratio of water and baking soda and rubbing the dirty areas in the oven. Just leave it on for a few hours, rub off and you're done. More uses for baking soda here!

15 other alternatives through home remedies

1. Black tea for beautiful parquet floors

Add a large cup of freshly brewed black tea to your cleaning water, then wipe your parquet as you normally would. After that it will look nicer again.

2. A new shower curtain through salt

Soak your shower curtain in cold salt water for 30 minutes. Do not rinse the salt off before you hang the curtain again, as it will prevent new soiling quickly.

3. Tupperware in the freezer

If you can't get the smell of food out of your Tupperware, then try putting it in the freezer overnight. The smell should be gone the next day.

4. Potato water for free drainage

In the future, no longer simply pour the hot water from which you boiled potatoes into the kitchen sink. Better to dump it down the drains in your bathroom - this will loosen the buildup and hair and prevent clogging.

5. Clean toilets with cola

Most people know that a vinegar solution dissolves urine scale and lime scale in toilets. But there is another remedy that loosens the deposits overnight: stale cola. In the future, just pour this into the toilet before going to sleep, because it won't taste good anyway.

6. Get rid of cat hair with rubber gloves

Sure, we love them all: our cute cats. Unfortunately, most of them have quite a lot of hair, so that their hair gets caught in the entire apartment and especially on upholstered furniture. Just put on a rubber glove that you moisten a little, and then you can rub the cat hair off on the sofa, for example.

7. Lemon as an odor neutralizer

Unfortunately, after a while, it's inevitable that a blender will start to smell something like food, even if it looks clean. To get rid of the food smell, all you have to do is squeeze two to three lemons and put the remaining peels in the blender. Switch on and go: the mixer cleans itself and meanwhile you could make lemonade from the lemon juice, for example.

8. Ground coffee against refrigerator odor

Somehow an unpleasant food smell no longer disappears from your refrigerator? If you fill a sock with some coffee powder, tie a knot at the top and then put this "bag" in the refrigerator, the odor should be neutralized quickly.

9. Toothpaste versus artistic wall painting

Your child wanted to try their hand at art and painted the wall on an impulse? You should be able to remove crayon with a little toothpaste and rub off dirty fingerprints with a piece of white bread.

10. Milk against blood stains on clothing

Who does not know it, at the weekend there is some manual work and it happens: You bleed a little and the red marks land on your clothes. Annoying, because blood stains are known to be difficult to get out! Soak the affected area in milk and the coagulated protein should be dissolved by the milk protein.

11. Gold jewelry that has gone blind

If golden things lie around for a long time, then they become dull. If you rub them with the juice of an onion, then leave them for 2 hours and then rub them in with a soft cloth, then they will shine like new again.

12. Cleaning potatoes to the carpet

To clean your carpet, you simply take a raw potato and brush it over it. The potato absorbs the dirt and gives the carpet fresh color.

13. Soap against steamed-up bathroom mirrors

To prevent your bathroom mirrors from misting up, rub them down evenly with soap and then polish them with some toilet paper.

14. Clear glass through lemon peel

Not only is citric acid good for cleaning, but also the peel of fresh lemons. Simply rub your glass surfaces and glasses with lemon peel and they will shine again.

15. Ice cubes against pressure marks on the carpet

If you get the idea to move your furniture, you will find that marks have been impressed on the carpet over the years. Just put an ice cube on the affected area before bed and rub it dry with a towel the next day. The marks should be gone after the carpet is completely dry.

As you can see, there are many alternatives to chemical cleaning agents, e.g. for cleaning the grill. So, in the interests of your own health and for our environment, we advise you to use more natural home cleaning agents in the future. If you are not a fan of cleaning at all, you can of course still book your personal cleaner with us.