What is the national fruit of Japan

Japanese fruit Luxury product and super tasty

Fruit is nothing special, do you think? Then you have never had anything to do with Japanese fruits! On the one hand, there are tons of exotic fruits in Japan that you've probably never seen before. But the fruit, which is available in Germany as well as in Japan, looks different in Japan - and doesn't taste the same either. Japanese fruits are seen as “luxury items” and not just normal foods. Therefore, on the one hand, they are much more expensive than fruit in Germany (a proud price of 500 euros for a mango is by no means rare). On the other hand, much more importance is attached to the fact that the Japanese fruits really taste perfect: They have to be incredibly sweet and flavorful, and ideally also look like from a picture book! In addition, Japanese fruit often grows very large: there are, for example, grapes the size of plums! Here we have a detailed article for you about the crazy fruit prices in Japan.

What fruits are there in Japan?

In larger cities you can of course buy almost any fruit, even if many varieties do not grow in Japan but are imported. Many citrus fruits thrive in Japan that are not known to us in Europe. There is, for example, its own variation on the Japanese mandarin. But also special apple and pear varieties are typically Japanese. There are also plums, which are only eaten pickled, and fruit, which is primarily used as a condiment. Here we have a list of the most common types of fruit in Japan for you.