What food is good for dinner

Lose weight: You should rely on these foods in the evening

On the way to our desired dream figure for the upcoming summer, nutrition plays a major role. It is not only breakfast and lunch that determine our success in buying - because it is hardly digested, The next hunger is already waiting in the evening, when we find it particularly difficult to resist the little sins and goodies that our fridge has in store. But so that our body can properly digest and break down food at night, we should also pay attention to our diet after work. Some foods are better suited for this than others - We have therefore identified for you which should not be missing on your menu from now on ...

1. Tofu

For dinner you should take the body provide a lot of protein, as this stimulates the metabolism and increases fat burning - Tofu is ideal here because, unlike meat, it is not as heavy in the stomach and is easier to digest. It also supplies the body with plenty of iron, but also with other important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and eight essential amino acids.

2. fish

If you are not a vegetarian and like fish, you should definitely go for fish such as salmon, herring and tuna in the evening, which provide valuable omega-3 fatty acids, healthy oils, proteins and tryptophan. salmon also contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids, which among other things prevent weight gain. You can eat this with boiled potatoes, zucchini noodles or steamed vegetables, for example.

3. Eggs

Eggs in any form should land on your plate not only for breakfast, but also for dinner.They contain essential amino acids that keep blood sugar in balance and help the body fight excess fats in the problem area.Eggs are also the epitome of muscle building and have a positive effect on your sleep as they contain lots of tryptophan. Plus: They only have about 78 calories, but are still the ideal fillers.

4. Artichokes

It is not for nothing that the artichoke diet has been on everyone's lips for some time, because artichokes are real power plants! The green-purple vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and thus provide us with vital nutrients. In addition, the medicinal plant is not only delicious, but also contains extracts that stimulate digestion and detoxify the body. Whether as a snack in the evening, in the form of artichoke water or integrated into a full meal - the artichoke not only helps you lose weight, but also promotes the body's detoxification process.

5. Steamed vegetables

You can eat your fill of lightly steamed vegetables without hitting your hips. In contrast to raw vegetables, the steamed version is much easier to digest and also has fewer calories than if you brown it or even deep-fry it. In the evening, varieties such as broccoli (rich in protein, vitamins and fiber), asparagus (contains a lot of vitamins A and C) or spinach (contains sleep-promoting tryptophan) are best suited for the evening.

6. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is the perfect evening snack because it is very slowly digested, lines the stomach and is absorbed by the body over many hours. The proteins contained stimulate the release of glucagon and are therefore ideal for breaking down fat before going to bed. If the taste is too bland for you, you can spice up the grainy cream cheese with a little cinnamon or other spices!

7. Avocados

Avocados are true all-rounders, because Not only can they have a positive effect on our skin, the green fruits are also suitable for keeping our metabolism busy.Although avocados are high in calories, they are ideal sources of micronutrients that the body needs to maintain its metabolism. The enzyme lipase also prevents the fat of the avocado from being stored and even promotes fat breakdown. If you want to boost your metabolism, you can now grab the avocado in the evening.

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