How do you pamper your partner

Pamper your partner

Partners appreciate and are valued


In fact, it is completely normal that sooner or later in a relationship it becomes a matter of course. It goes without saying for us when the partner kisses us goodbye or opens their arms for us when we want to lie on the couch together and cuddle. It is also completely normal if at some point the initial desire and the excited tingling wears off and we only go into the box together, if it just happens that way. It's also perfectly fine if at some point we want to pursue our own hobbies other than hanging out day and night telling each other how much we love each other. This "slackening", or rather getting used to it, is completely normal and absolutely nothing to worry about, after all, the number of times we have sex with our partner during the week says nothing about the quality of the relationship.

But what isn't normal is when we start wanting more. More togetherness, more kisses, more touch. Just like in the beginning or so that we simply feel more valued, after all we are no longer told how great we are or how much we are desired. It just got normal.

Much too good, after all, the partner is by no means a matter of course and should not be treated that way. Our partner does so much for us that sometimes we just forget to say thank you or show gratitude. A careful appreciation leads to the fact that we can love each other more and more intimately again. That is why it is all the more important that we pamper our partner more often and more and show us appreciation for all that he gives us.

Bouquet and chocolate?

But how can we show our partner that we want to do him something good? Many people first think of a beautiful bouquet of flowers or expensive chocolate. And let's be honest: we all love chocolate!

It is precisely these things that have become the best-selling items during Valentine's Day. Singles can look forward to it: the day after there is reduced chocolate everywhere and you can finally give yourself a bouquet of flowers if it is so cheap and smells great. πŸ™‚

But it doesn't have to be clichΓ©. Your favorite film on Blu-Ray, a pack of your favorite ice cream or a voucher for a shop where most things are ordered from the wardrobe is something that everyone is really happy about. It is much more personal to give your loved ones what they like or have always wanted.

But you can also spoil your partner easily by giving away "moments". That can be a visit to the zoo, an evening in the climbing hall or a chic restaurant visit, for which both of them can really get on with it!

Pampering begins in everyday life. The unwashed laundry is still standing around? Then take it into your own hands and start fighting your way through the mountain. You came home early and the food hasn't cooked? Then prepare something, set the table nicely and ensure a relaxed atmosphere when your partner arrives.

Just do what you normally take for granted and show yourself appreciatively. Nothing is nicer than knowing that you have taken your partner off a task that they already didn't feel like doing! πŸ™‚

But the pampering certainly doesn't stop in everyday life. On the contrary: only in bed can you pamper your partner with all means and thus ensure unforgettable moments!

Pampering in bed

An extensive and sensual one massage is a perfect start to a sparkling evening. You don't have to be a guru or massage therapist to do this. Your partner can tell you exactly where he would like to be massaged and how much. So you can quickly find out what makes him particularly special. You can watch tutorials on Youtube beforehand or even take a small course so that nothing really can go wrong.

  • With special massage candles you create a pleasant atmosphere and you can even use the wax as a kind of massage oil afterwards - but please let it cool down properly before! πŸ™‚
  • A massager - you know, this rod with the rotating ball at the end - is perfect for anyone who quickly gets finger cramps or has no strength in their arms at all. And you know what? These things are also very popular in masturbation as the rotating massage ball is perfect for stimulating the clitoris or penis.
  • Play music on the side or blindfold your partner before you start! If the sense of sight is taken away, we perceive every touch through our skin much more intensely and clearly.
  • Massage your partner with yourself. What? Wondering how the hell is this supposed to work? Then smear yourself properly with massage oil the next time - but please lay a bed sheet before that, as the oil will leave stains! - and lie down on your partner. Now you can slide very smoothly over the body and rub yourself against it by all means. This is guaranteed to make EVERYONE hot and is something that everyone must have experienced!

The classic one Hand job

Lend a hand while your partner leans back comfortably and just enjoys it. Here, too, a good splash of lubricant gel can help to glide over the skin more easily and without great effort and to massage the genital area. But what is the best way to proceed?

  • You can start with your hands. There are countless tips and tricks on the Internet, but the only thing that really counts here is: if you like it, then you're doing it right! It is best to ask your partner what is particularly arousing him or just go ahead and watch his reaction. You will quickly notice what turns him on. He may also be able to help you by enclosing your hands in his own and then simply showing you what to do, how hard you have to squeeze or at what speed you should step forward.
  • You can't really go wrong with women unless you have absolutely no idea where the clitoris is. Your partner can also easily show you where to aim and how best to go about it!
  • Sex toys are also a great way to pamper your partner properly. With a masturbator - or also affectionately called "pocket pussy" πŸ™‚ - you can really heat up your partner and get him going even before the actual sex.
  • Dildos or lay-on vibrators provide women with an idiot-proof template on the way to arousal. Care should be taken not to save on the lubricant or to take precautions with oral sex.

Oral sex is indispensable and actually a MUST for everyone who wants to pamper their partner. The genital area is nicely moisturized and the tingly feeling really gives everyone a taste of pure excitement!

  • An extensive blowjob is THE best thing to do and actually almost standard in bed - except of course when you don't like it. Yes, there is too! Here, too, there is no formula for the perfect technique. It should be noted that the teeth should not necessarily be brought in as the skin on the penis is very thin and sensitive and this can lead to small fissures that can be very painful!
  • Orally satisfying the woman may be a thing in itself, but it is still not rocket science. With the tongue it is very possible to stimulate and pamper the sensitive clitoris in a targeted manner. The woman should be pampered vaginally with her fingers at the same time. Maybe you should know where the G-spot is. If you penetrate it with your fingers, turn your palm towards you, and then make a scratching motion, you will feel a rough wall. If you press or rub this point while you orally satisfy her, she will hardly be able to hold herself in ecstasy!

In order to pamper your partner, you can take the work off your feet and simply decide for yourself what happens and what speed is set. After all, we also enjoy being lazy while our partner does all the work. πŸ™‚

  • Sex positions, such as the cowgirl (she sits on him), are great for taking the reins in your own hands and just riding off.
  • Connect your partner's hands so that he has no way of sliding them over your body or holding you in certain situations. Tease him by stopping exactly where it is most beautiful: just before the climax.
  • Ask your partner to give you specific instructions. And I really mean step by step! This transfer of power is fun and gives you the feeling of absolute control - very erotic and tingly!

Do you have lingerie that makes your partner particularly hot? Or do you know which scent he or she likes best? What music does he like to listen to? Then use exactly that to give your partner absolute relaxation and a feeling of familiarity and wellbeing!

  • Surprise him with his favorite playlist by simply playing music during sex or let him decide what he would like to hear best.
  • There is nothing like a warm bath, enveloped in your favorite scent and a sensual massage. After a hard day's work, this special attention is very welcome and will definitely not be refused.
  • Dress up properly again and surprise your partner with your new look! Nice lingerie, an exciting pair of stockings or even a wig provide a great kick in the bedroom and a few unforgettable moments.

Don't forget: you want to pamper your partner. That is why his needs come first, but that does not mean that your needs have to be put in the background! If you know he likes it when you give him oral pleasure, why not ask him if he would like to do the same to you. He's definitely not going to say no. πŸ˜‰

We need to appreciate what we have more!

Pampering your partner may seem like a hurdle, but it actually isn't. As long as you start thinking that it will bring joy to your loved one, then it is all the more fun to get involved in the matter.

Communication should always come first. Nothing is more important than knowing what's going on in your significant other. What is stressing him? What does he particularly like? What did he experience today? And why does he feel particularly depressed today? Listening is the order of the day! πŸ™‚ And half the battle is in your pocket.