Why do I feel awake after masturbation?

3 reasons why you should masturbate before sleeping

3 reasons why you should masturbate before sleeping

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Then give it a try with masturbation! We have three reasons why you should masturbate before bed.

Masturbation has many beneficial effects on our bodies. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and our immune system. In addition, happiness hormones are released. It can be especially helpful if you masturbate before going to sleep. In a 2019 survey on sleep disorders and masturbation, 47 percent of respondents said they could fall asleep faster after masturbating.

Masturbation to fall asleep: 3 reasons to do it

  1. Masturbation reduces stress: One of the most common causes of difficulty falling asleep is stress. If you feel overwhelmed and brood a lot before going to sleep, it can negatively impact your sleep or prevent you from falling asleep at all. There is hardly anything better against stress than masturbation. The endorphins that are released when you lend a hand help the body to break down the stress hormone adrenaline, ensure a feeling of satisfaction and help to find sleep more easily.
  2. The orgasm helps get rid of excess energy: Are you lying in bed, but still feel wide awake and tiredness just doesn't want to set in? Right now we spend a lot of time at home and our body is not always used as much as it needs to be able to fall asleep quickly. Masturbation can help here, because it is like a small sporting session for the body and helps it break down energy - all muscles are tensed and during the climax itself there are uncontrollable, rapid contractions of the pelvic floor. This is followed by deep relaxation, which also ensures that you can fall asleep better.
  3. The hormone prolactin makes you tired: In addition to endorphins, the hormone prolactin is released during orgasm, which has been proven to make you tired. According to a study by the Hannover Medical School, the prolactin level in women lasts for about an hour after orgasm. This will give you enough time to fall asleep.

Important: If you have long-term sleep problems, see a doctor.

Sex has a similar effect on sleep

Sex with your partner can also help you fall asleep - provided you have an orgasm. This is the result of an Australian study by Central Queensland University, in which two thirds of the test subjects were able to sleep better after sex, including climax.

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