Which shampoo makes your hair smell good

Your hair will always smell like it has been freshly washed


You must know these tricks!

A question that moves us again and again: How does my hair smell longer? In fact, there are a few tricks you can use to keep the fragrance in your hair.

Hmmm, how it smells. Freshly washed hair smells wonderful. (And with solid shampoo, hair can finally be washed sustainably and with a clear conscience.) We have the ultimate tips on how to keep the fragrance in your hair! That's how it's done:

Tip 1: fragrance in your hair thanks to a bun

The scent in the hair is most intense in slightly damp hair. The aromas combine with the moisture, are released into the air through the evaporation process and thus give off their lovely aroma. If you want your hair to smell longer like it has just emerged from the shower, you can take advantage of this effect. To do this, just dry your hair very lightly after washing - it must still feel damp. In this state, twist the lengths into a loose bun or plait and pin the whole thing to the head. Even if you only open the hairstyle after many hours, the now dry hair gives off a fine mist of freshness.

Tip 2: fragrance in your hair overnight

Due to its generally dry structure, hair takes on aromas and stores them incredibly quickly. This effect is known from unpleasant kitchen or cigarette smells. This effect can also be used to let the hair smell like freshly washed for longer: Simply spray the upholstery with an essential fragrance oil of your choice - and rest your head on it. Due to the permanent pillow contact, the hair takes on the scent aromas and smells seductively the next morning.

Tip 3: scent your hair with baby powder

Baby powder is the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to a fresh hairstyle with an even fresher scent. The powder not only smells lovely, but also absorbs excess skin oil and makes slightly greasy hair look fresh again in seconds. Put a small amount on the scalp, massage the whole thing in lightly - voilà, your hair smells like freshly washed for longer. Incidentally, dry shampoo also has the same effect. But be careful: do not use baby powder or dry shampoo immediately after washing your hair. But only when the hair is already slightly greasy. Why? Dry shampoo or baby powder on freshly washed hair or a scalp that is prone to dryness can also dry out and thus irritate the scalp and hair.

Tip 4: fragrance in the hair to spray on

Wouldn't it be easiest for the perfect like-fresh-washed scent to simply spray your favorite perfume into your hair? Sounds good - but we advise against it. Because the high alcohol content of normal perfumes makes the hair dry out. Therefore: prefer to use special hair perfumes. They contain fragrant oils and little or no alcohol. Recommendation for use: Do not apply hair perfume on the scalp, but only in the lengths and tips, so as not to make the look look greasy.

Tip 5: condition the fragrance in the hair

Conditioner is a miracle weapon when it comes to the Mhhhh fragrance in your hair: Thanks to it, you can create a nourishing form of the hair perfume yourself: To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of conditioner in 250ml of water, fill it with a spray bottle and sprinkle it every now and then Spray on dry hair. The effect is twofold: the scent in the hair is refreshed and the hair structure is supplied with nourishing essences at the same time. Two birds. One flap. Plus: Your hair will smell like it has been freshly washed for longer.