What do you live for every day

What do you live for?

What do you live for?

How do you want to live

What do you want to give

What is the plan of your life like?

What do you do with it?

What do you put your trust in?

What do you want to build on in life?

What are the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat really matter?

What remains when time goes by so quickly?

All of these big questions are very existential

Deciding on you - it's not quick

To ask for it is to search forever

It means to walk the path, but also alone with others

These questions are beyond our thinking, our understanding

They often leave us perplexed and restless on the sidelines

Apparently they cannot really be brightened up

nevertheless, they remain, we have to provide them

In the face of some questions, speechlessness has the last word

But it does not take away our longing for answers

Many people have already done it

Trying to come up with an answer

Wisdom, human experience, religion

Do you already have the answers?

Psychology, sociology, philosophy

Her answers are never inwardly fulfilling.

Technology, mathematics, science

Their answers have no normative power either

You make progress, make life easier

But they cannot give meaningful answers

Christianity gives the following tip:

God lives and he goes all ways.

Ultimately, God is the answer to all questions

We can dare to live with him

He is with us in our questions, searches, and thoughts

He gives us gifts, charisms and talents

He sends us to share our gifts with others

He calls us to dwell with the lonely

He calls us to give love to the unloved

He calls us to think of the forgotten

He calls us to hear the mute

He calls us to take in those who often interfere

He calls us to see those who remain invisible

He calls us to forgive those guilty

He invites us to rest with him

He invites us to do anything with him

He invites us to refer to him as our Creator

He invites us to praise him, united with all creatures

He looks at us and speaks to us: You are good!

How do you feel Doesn't that encourage you?

He loves us with our mistakes, our perplexity

No way is too far for him to be with us

God, to you, with you, in you, towards you

To live like that really makes sense

Mag. Birgit Leuprecht

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