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World saver

How we save the world

There are tons of problems in the world. But everyone can do something, and even small actions often have a big impact. That is why we introduce you to people, projects, tips and ideas that are changing our planet.

Student competition Take part in our competition for world savers!

How we save the world School trip for the climate

Sustainability A school class becomes a food saver

Day of Compliments How compliments make the world a little better

How we save the world How you can help refugees

There are many problems in the world. We could complain and despair about this - but we don't want to. We want to do something about it! In our series "How we save the world" we explain to you this time how you can help refugees

GEOlino reader campaign Why Jan is involved as a playground sponsor

Jan lends a hand: As a playground sponsor, the ten-year-old fights in a safety vest, with garbage pincers and some classmates for clean playgrounds in his hometown of Mettmann. He tells GEOlino about his mission

Animals Help the butterflies!

Many native butterflies are threatened with extinction - because their habitat is shrinking. Fortunately, you can do your bit for the moths.

Society How you can help the homeless

Some ideas are as simple as they are ingenious! Would you like an example? The "Darmstadt Social Fence". On it people hang donations for the homeless - and the needy.

Laying hens How an association saves thousands of chickens

Thousands of chickens live on large farms and lay eggs - as many as possible, as quickly as possible. When their "performance" deteriorates, they end up with the butcher. The good news: an association saves several thousand disused hens every year and gives them to "chicken sponsors"

Fair Trade How you recognize fair trade products

With the purchase of "fair trade" products we support fair trade products. We explain here how you can recognize them.

Sustainability Five tips on how to avoid electronic waste

Every German produces more than 22 kilograms of electronic waste per year. But not everything that ends up in the trash really belongs there. Much can still be repaired.

Tips & Tricks What you should know about first aid

Accidents happen everywhere. Those who have learned to provide first aid can save lives!

Old and Young How you can help old people

We introduce you to projects, tips and ideas that will change our planet. This time we will show you how you can help old people