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25 Creative Ways To Advance Your Career | - 2021 - Business planning

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If you've worked in the same industry for a couple of years, you will definitely reach a learning plateau. While we may not like to admit it, our industries often become less appealing over time. I work for a surety insurance company so I can tell you firsthand that finding new and interesting ways to learn about my job can be challenging.

When boredom hits, check out these 25 tips that can help advance your career

  1. Start a blog and write about topics that need to be researched.
  2. Interview with others who work in your industry.
  3. Follow legislative updates that may affect your industry at the federal, state, and local levels.
  4. Subscribe to publications specifically tailored to your industry.
  5. Find out about market trends for various industries in your industry.
  6. Get to know your competition and find ways to improve yourself or your company.
  7. Watch YouTube training videos on technical issues
  8. Enroll in some accredited online degree programs for formal education.
  9. Join professional associations and organizations.
  10. Attend relevant industry conferences.
  11. Promote your services at industry events; You never know what you are going to learn or who you may meet.
  12. Volunteer for a local community organization to improve your secondary skills such as photography, data entry, or customer service.
  13. Teach free classes so others in your community can learn from your experiences.
  14. Interact with industry representatives on Twitter.
  15. Join LinkedIn groups and start posting.
  16. Find a Facebook group or page that you collaborate with like-minded people.
  17. Schedule conference calls with some of your colleagues to discuss recent market changes.
  18. See the industry from a different perspective by bringing your boss or an employee out to lunch.
  19. Organize happy hours with other professionals working in your area Hire a new mentor by reaching out to influential industry experts who can provide valuable advice.
  20. Form a mutually beneficial partnership with another company or professional.
  21. Set up an online survey to see where your thoughts stand in relation to other industry experts.
  22. Use the Google Keyword Search Tool to see what terms people are looking for when searching for your industry online. consider learning more about these topics.
  23. Learn how to build a website from scratch; This will make you more marketable in almost every industry.
  24. Improve your writing and presentation skills.
  25. I hope these tips inspire you to get creative as you look for new ways to learn about your industry.