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Theory lessons, driving lessons, exam fees: the driver's license is associated with high costs. The greater the joy when the exam is passed. In our guide you will find out how novice drivers can save on car insurance. You will also learn how novice drivers can find a car that is cheap to insure.

The guide provides general information. You can find product information on novice driver insurance from CosmosDirekt here.

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Cheap cars in insurance and tax for novice drivers

Novice drivers pay high car insurance premiums. That's because they are a increased risk of accidents in road traffic to have. According to road traffic accident statistics, road users aged 18 to 24 are significantly more likely to be involved in road accidents than other age groups. When calculating the premium, the insurers take into account the individual risk of damage to the motorist based on the No claims class (SF class). As a rule, novice drivers have no-claims class 0. The classification into SF classes is based on the following principle: With each additional year in which you have been driving without an accident, you move up one level. At the same time, the contribution decreases. A certain percentage is assigned to each no-claims class. In contrast to the standardized SF classes, the assigned percentages can vary. This means that the insurers may have different premiums despite the same no-claims class.

The No-claims discount only affects motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance. The partial coverage remains unaffected by the discount. Partial coverage is equally expensive for novice drivers and experienced drivers. The basic premium is also important for novice drivers. This is influenced by the following factors, among others:

  • Type class: Classification of the vehicles on the basis of the damage and accident balance of the respective vehicle model
  • Regional class: Classification of vehicles based on the registration area (the probability of damage varies between regions)
  • Individual risk profile: for example depending on age, marital status, occupation

When calculating the total cost of a car, the annual vehicle tax must also be taken into account. It depends on the size of the displacement and the carbon dioxide emissions. The following applies: Environmentally friendly cars are given tax benefits. If novice drivers choose an older car or a diesel, the vehicle tax is correspondingly high.

Novice drivers who are unsure which car will fit their tight budget should choose a gasoline-powered car because of road tax. You can find a lot of information on the subject of "How to make the dream of your first own car come true" in our CleverDirekt guide.

How can novice drivers save on car insurance?

Even as a novice driver, you can save on car insurance. However, for some measures you are dependent on the favor of your parents or other people

Second car regulation

Ask your parents to insure the car you are using as a second car and to register you as the driver. Most insurance companies classify that Second car in SF class ½, some even in a higher class. Another advantage: parents usually have better actuarial values ​​because they own home, for example. Based on this, many insurance companies grant further discounts that lower the premium. If you have driven the car without any claims for a few years, you can insure the car in your name and assume the claims-free category that has been achieved.

If you cause an accident with the second car, the no-claims class of the first car does not change.

Gather practical experience with accompanied driving

If you take part in the "Accompanied Driving" program and get your driver's license at the age of 17, you can also save on insurance. The reason: new drivers who drive with a driver for the first year cause fewer accidents according to statistics. According to a sample from the consumer portal Finanztip, you pay an average of 31 percent less for car insurance for the first year.

Adopt no-claims classes

It is even possible to use SF classes Relatives and life partners to take over - but this depends on the respective insurer. Upon transfer, the original policyholder loses the right to his previous SF class. For this reason, it only makes sense to transfer the no-claims classes if the percentages are no longer needed, for example if the grandparents give up driving or a second vehicle is no longer needed. Important: The transfer of the claim-free years is capped. You can take on a maximum of as many years as you already have your driver's license.

Choose a car with a lower type class

Vehicles are divided into different categories based on their damage and accident history Type classes classified. The basis for this classification is provided by annual damage statistics. The following applies: the more frequently a vehicle type is involved in accidents, the higher the type class and the more expensive the insurance. Since, statistically speaking, novice drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, car models that are particularly popular with newcomers to driving licenses are mostly found in the higher type classes. On the other hand, cars popular with pensioners are usually better classified in the type class.

A cheap car for novice drivers should also bring you safely to your destination. This is ensured on the one hand by safety features such as airbags, ABS and ESP as well as clever assistance systems. But the vehicle design itself, which is reflected in good crash test results, is also decisive.

Which cars are cheap in insurance for novice drivers?

Are you wondering which car could be the first car? To save on insurance and road tax, you should look for the following vehicle models:

  • environmentally friendly cars
  • Low type cars

How do you determine the type class of cars?

The type class directory contains the type classes for motor vehicle liability, fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive for all cars on the market. If you would like to know which cars offer affordable insurance for novice drivers, you can find out the type classes from the Association of the German Insurance Industry. To do this, you need the following information from the registration certificates:

  • Manufacturer key (HSN)
  • Type key (TSN)

If you do not have this at hand, you can determine the type class based on the manufacturer, sales description, power and displacement.

The division is made into the following classes:

Car insurance
Type classesNumber of type classes

Motor vehicle liability insurance

10 - 25


Fully comprehensive insurance

10 - 34


Partial insurance

10 - 33


You can determine the type class with the type class directory of the GDV.

What is the effect of a change in the type class classification?

At the annual Adjustment of the classes on October 1st vehicles can be upgraded or downgraded by several type classes. As a rule, the adjustment of existing insurance contracts to the new type classes takes place on January 1st of the following year.

Even if you opt for a first car with a lower type class, it is advisable to keep track of the annual adjustments. This enables you to compare offers from different insurance providers and change them in good time. Because: If your insurance becomes more expensive due to the new type class classification, you have an extraordinary right of termination and can cancel your car insurance regardless of the November 30th cut-off date.

Is leasing worthwhile for novice drivers?

Leasing may seem attractive to novice drivers: You can get a nice new car for comparatively low monthly payments. Depending on the leasing contract, however, there are additional special leasing payments. They are due, for example, if more than the contractually agreed kilometers are driven during the contract period (with KM leasing) or if the car does not have the previously agreed residual value after the contract period (with residual value leasing). In addition, the vehicle may only show the usual signs of use. If there are large scratches or above-average wear, this can lead to (considerable) additional payments.

If you decide on a leasing vehicle, please note that you, as the lessee, must have the inspections and any repairs carried out in the authorized workshops. The hidden costs also include insurance costs: one Fully comprehensive insurance is usually mandatory. This goes hand in hand with higher insurance premiums. Although some leasing companies offer auto leasing with insurance, this is usually just as bad for novice drivers as it is for experienced drivers. If you want to lease, compare the service offers of different lessors, including insurance, very carefully. Also include the savings options mentioned above.

With a Motor vehicle cover letter as a car driver you are more carefree. All-round protection covers numerous risks when driving at home and abroad. In most cases, this includes breakdowns and accidents. You can find out everything else in the motor vehicle insurance cover guide.

The driver's license is an important step towards independence. In addition to the newly acquired mobility, there are also responsibilities and costs. Many novice drivers underestimate the running costs: Due to the low driving experience and the higher risk of accidents for new drivers, these are particularly noticeable in the form of expensive insurance tariffs. There are ways that you can cut the cost of auto insurance. For example, through a second car insurance or the careful choice of vehicle. Make up your mind on one Car with a low type class, you can save a lot on car insurance.

The vehicle owner does not have to register a vehicle himself. However, a written power of attorney is required so that a third person can register the car. You can find out everything else in the guide to power of attorney for vehicle registration.

Do you have any questions about car insurance and motor vehicle insurance? We would be happy to advise you by phone or email.

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