How effective is traditional chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The Qi, the general and universal life energy flows in the human body in the so-called Meridians and in great streams. They form a network that connects the inside with the outside: the internal organs with the surface of the body, the tissues with the mind, yin with yang and earth with heaven.

The meridians are twelve main channels that run through the body lengthways. Each of these meridians is assigned to a functional circuit, i.e. an organ system. They say it corresponds to an organ, although the term organ does not have the same meaning as in Western medicine. One differentiates 6 yin and 6 yang meridians.

The yin meridians are:

  • Liver (Le)
  • Lungs (Lu)
  • Spleen pancreas (MP)
  • Heart (H or He)
  • Cardioid (N or Ni)
  • Heart envelope (HH, also pericardium, circulatory sexuality, master of the heart)

The Yang meridians are:

  • Gallbladder (G or Gb)
  • Colon (Tue)
  • Stomach (Ma)
  • Small intestine
  • Bladder (B)
  • Sanjiao (SJ, Triple Heater, 3E)

There are also the Eight Great Rivers, which correspond to the extraordinary or miraculous meridians. The best known are the governor's vessel Du Mai (Du) and the conception vessel Ren Mai (Ren).

The acupuncture points are also located on the meridians. They are identified with the abbreviation of the meridian and a consecutive number. For example, the combination of the points Le 3, He 3, Ni 3, Du 20, Ren 17, Gb 34 is a popular point combination that doctors treat with stress symptoms. In acupuncture, they are needled with acupuncture needles, and in acupressure they are treated with pressure. As part of moxibustion, individual points or meridians are stimulated with moxa herbs and warmth. Read more about this in the Moxibustion chapter.

The various further developments of Chinese acupuncture in Europe are also very interesting. For example, injecto acupuncture is a method from various Eastern and Western forms of therapy: neural therapeutics such as procaine and / and homeopathics are injected into acupuncture points. This means that the patient can benefit from synergy effects from these different forms of therapy to a particularly high degree.

All treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine ultimately serve to harmonize Yin and Yang and to stimulate the flow of Qi.