How can I impress a divorced woman

If you want to impress women, make use of these 3 important elements

Anyone who is halfway successful with women shakes their head when asked how to impress women. In a man who wants to impress the woman, you only see a guy who pretends to be for the woman and does everything to “land” with her. But it's not that easy.

Impressing women is one of the most normal things in the world. It is part of every flirtation test and the key to seducing a woman. However, if you want to be successful, you should definitely avoid this common mistake.

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The fact that we men act this way often has to do with our lack of male self-confidence. Many of us did not have a strong father as a role model. So we were raised mainly by our mothers, our kindergarten teachers and our teachers. In the lack of loving and at the same time strong fatherly love, the image of masculinity for many of us withered into a stupid macho image. In this process we did not get to know real self-esteem.

Instead, we learned to take care of making women happy. We became dependent on their happiness and thus also dependent on the women themselves. But this dependent behavior makes us men only moderately or not at all successful with women. Women are in no way impressed by men who want to make them happy, shower them with compliments, and just do anything for them!

Women want men

  1. who show their masculine strength,
  2. who have the confidence to stand alone
  3. and who can make themselves vulnerable.

Table of contents of the article

(1) Impressing a woman with your manhood is perfectly OK!

Almost every normal male-female mating on this planet is preceded by a stage of courtship. The ostrich shows its plumage, scorpions dance together and bulls stir up a lot of dust. We humans do it very similarly. We put on beautiful clothes, take the woman out and tell all kinds of stories about ...

… Yes! To impress the woman.

In this phase we show our masculinity. If you want to impress women, tell her stories about your adventures. Tell her how you climbed mountains, once really gave your boss your opinion or traveled across Turkey on your own. Tell her about your courage.

Or tell her about your discipline. Tell her about how you spent months studying for an exam and how you were able to pass it with your diligence or how you hardened your body in strength training. Tell her about the great love you have for your work and about the goals you want to achieve. All of this impresses women!

But they will only be impressed if these stories with your trade are authentic. Your actions are a hundred times stronger than your words. So if you tell her stories of your courage, but avoid every little conflict, it scares any even reasonably self-confident woman. Just like it scares them when you talk about discipline, but allow yourself exceptions to your rules over and over again. Or, tell her about your male mission, but always have time for her immediately when she asks for you.

Remember: It is your actions that really impress women. Talking is only there to underline what you are doing. In our free e-mail lessons “More Success With Women” you will learn how to avoid these mistakes and how to flirt so well that exaggeration and story-making have no place in your seduction.

(2) If she rejects you, stand up for yourself

Not all women like an adventurer. Perhaps she would rather have a loyal husband who is there for her and their family. Or maybe you're an ambitious student too stuffy. Maybe she doesn't want a well-trained hunk, but rather a cuddly guy who watches films with her and indulges in delicious food.

If you talk about yourself and show who you are, she won't always say “great”, “great” and “keep it up”. Sometimes she'll say things like, "How stupid is that." or “My ex always said that too. He was a total letdown. "

Many men then make the mistake of matching their opinion with the woman's opinion. If the woman likes a vegetarian diet, the man is immediately a great advocate of a meatless lifestyle. Or: the woman does not like the man's T-shirt, he no longer wears it in her presence or even throws it in the wardrobe.

Women have a feeling for the fickleness of many men. You test him. And when the man's opinion turns out to be like a flag in the wind, it is gone faster than a man can say “gust of wind”. In every encounter, in every conversation and also in every flirtation, there are minor and major differences of opinion. It is masculine and attractive when these different opinions are understood, appreciated and recognized.

But that also means running the risk of doing or saying something that might scare the woman away. And if you're willing to do that and prefer to have a hot sweep up rather than betray your opinion, you're unlikely to be attractive to the opposite sex. Therefore: stand by yourself, even if the woman does not like it. Your inner strength, even without the woman to be happy, makes you more attractive than any story, no matter how well told.

(3) Your masculine strength is impressive, your masculine weaknesses adorable

Showing what a great pike you are and underlining that with your self-confidence is only one side of the coin. You can be admired for self-confidence, courage, discipline, loyalty, and other wonderful male qualities. They impress women and also cause them to literally drag you into their bed. But you are not loved for it.

You are loved for your weaknesses, for your indecision, your lack of discipline and also for your fear. Our strengths make us impressive. Our weaknesses make us human.

So, if you want women to crave you, impress them. Tell your story, show your manhood and she will strip and pounce on you naked. If you then want her to cuddle up to you lovingly, massage your neck with relish and whisper the words “I love you” in your ear, be strong enough to reveal your weaknesses.

You are not manly enough

But what if you're not a great guy at all? What if you have the discipline of a drug junkie, get nothing baked in your life, and give in to every minor conflict? What if you don't have an amazing personality to even begin to impress women with?

If so, you are wasting your life! It's not about impressing a woman. It's about you and your manhood. It's about living your life to the fullest. It's about taking dangers, facing your fears and developing your inner love for something greater.

If your life is boring, average and almost depressing, a wonderful woman appears as a savior for happiness, love and fulfillment. But you probably already know yourself that it is you who are giving you these things. The moment you have a happy life, love yourself and find fulfillment in your male mission, women find your whole being extremely impressive.

Everyone is aware that this is a process and cannot happen overnight. But I can promise you that if you devote yourself to yourself and your manhood, you will not only have much more success with women, you will also be able to enjoy a much happier and more fulfilling life.

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