Should a slow developer be fired

What is it like to work as a developer?

What do developers actually do? At least you are not responsible for the fact that the computer sometimes refuses to start. Rather, your areas of activity range from the development of software and applications to the creation and design of computer games, for example. In addition, bugs also have to be eliminated. It can take hours of time to find out where the dog is buried in the code.

And of course, as a developer, you also have to sit in meetings to exchange ideas, discuss the progress of a project or take up the bosses' wishes and demands. The latter can lead to "communication difficulties" between developers and outsiders. Ideas are expressed that may take weeks to implement, but should be ready by the end of the week.

Developers! Developers! Developers!

Those who want to delve deeper into the world of developers can do so between May 16 and 18 at the "WeAreDevelopers" conference in Vienna. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is expected as a speaker. The topics range from front-end and back-end, blockchain and security to virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, quality assurance and tests. One focus will deal with how the development for mobile devices can be mastered. Perhaps someone is swinging a speech that is just as euphoric and sweaty as Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer back in 2000:

On Reddit, developers share what it's like to work in this industry. The conclusion for many is: As a developer you always have to be ready to learn new things. It is not a job like any other, says one user, because "[this] job is a lifestyle."

What is it like to work as a developer?

What annoys you about your job, what do you like about it? What's the stupidest question you've ever been asked? Which prejudice would you like to dispel with? What tips do you have for someone who wants to become a developer? (rec, May 16, 2018)