How do you find someone to marry

Stay away from these guys: 7 types of men you shouldn't marry under any circumstances

Finding the right man for life is no easy task. Over the years and on a number of dates, women have learned that not every guy you have a great time with has what it takes to be a husband. You'd better avoid these seven guys.

1. The office stallion

His career is the most important thing in the world for the office stallion. His wife hardly gets to see him. Because he spends the weekdays in the office from early in the morning until late at night. On Saturday and Sunday he is already sitting at the breakfast table with a laptop or going to the golf course with his business friends. It seems like his mind is always at work and never with you. It's hard to blame him for taking his job so seriously. After all, he made it possible for you (and your children) to have a house, a convertible, private school and membership in the chic fitness club. The only question that arises is: Can money and luxury replace your husband for you?

2. Mr. Daddy

He is the born father and adores his children like little Buddhas. When Mr. Daddy comes home from work, his path leads him - past his wife - straight into the nursery. On the weekends he hangs the baby carrier on and spends every free minute with the children shopping, eating ice cream or on the playground. Mr. Daddy and his children have merged into a single unit of which you are somehow not a part. The time together as a couple is history; after all, you are now a parent and no longer need anything like sex or adult conversation. Your friends will envy you for “this caring man”. But you will wonder when you married Benjamin Blümchen.

3. The globetrotter

He only feels free and alive when exploring the world with his backpack. Shopping in London, surfing in Hawaii or yoga in the jungle of Sri Lanka - being by the side of a globetrotter is an exciting adventure, at least as long as you are young and have not yet taken root. However, if work and co. Steer life in a more stable direction, there is often a lack of time, money and motivation for non-stop long-distance travel. That doesn't impress the globetrotter. He only feels at home in phases in his home nest and will continue his travels as a husband - while you sit at home with your child and everyday worries. Not a good prospect, right?

4. The mother’s boy

Women like to convince themselves that they can change their man. This is especially the case with the mother’s boy. It took you years to be halfway accepted by his mother and a few more before he finally moves out of his home and marries you. Even so, you still feel like you are in a threesome marriage. His mother is always present: through phone calls, spontaneous visits or the decades of brainwashing that she administered to her son. It gets even worse if you have children with your mother’s boy - especially if they are sons. Your mother-in-law will interfere in the upbringing and will do anything to get her grandchildren on her side. Only one thing helps: emigrate to Australia or take a course in tactical warfare.

5. The macho

A macho always has two sides: As a real guy, reliable provider and strong protector, he exerts a magical attraction on many women. Marriage with him feels like traveling back in time: while he earns the money and makes all the important decisions, she stays at home with the children and carries out his instructions. The macho cannot imagine any other distribution of roles and he does not even want to. The problem: the more often you carry his beer to the couch, the more rigid the structures become. When your children are out of the house at the latest, you will wonder whether you were ever anything other than a wife and mother.

6. The couch potato

The couch potato has never been a spontaneous daredevil. But it is only with marriage that all of his grueling indolence comes to light. Getting up, breakfast, work, coming home, dinner, watching TV - the days, weeks and months melt into a sluggish pulp of gray everyday routine. You can’t even remember the last time you didn’t spend your last evening together at home in front of the telly. All attempts to blow him off the couch with “completely absurd” actions such as going to the cinema, bowling or going to a restaurant are crushed with a negative grumble. One thing is certain: you will look in vain for variety, spontaneity or even passion in this marriage.

7. The Eternal Child

Everyday office life, tax returns, parenting days - who would have thought that growing up can be so exhausting? But life becomes even worse by the side of a man who doesn't want to have anything to do with any of this. He remains the eternal child and vehemently refuses to take responsibility. You will feel like the only adult in the house. Her husband forgets his own doctor's appointments, does not pay a bill on time and spends hours with the children at the Playstation. If you complain, you are the eternally nagging wife and mother: annoying, stuffy and totally uncool. Who is in the mood for a spoiled life?

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