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Professional status

Personal status


Alive (paralyzed in the anime)

Skills and equipment


Flail (a variant with a chain of the morning star)


Dubbing player

Rem (レ ム,Remu?) is one of the maiden twins who work for Roswaal L Mathers.


Rem looks like a reflection of her sister Ram. She has medium length sky blue hair that obscures her right eye, light blue eyes, and a youthful look. She has hair clips on the left side of her hair and a floral maiden headband on the same side. Except for the different color of her eyes and hair and her pony, which, unlike Ram, she wears over her right eye, she is almost identical to her older twin sister. She usually wears a maiden costume and since her breasts are bigger than her sister's, she secretly changes the size to hide it.


Rem tends to speak in a superficial polite way and sometimes acts without thinking. She has respect for her sister, Ram, both in terms of worship and guilt for a past incident.

Because of her respect and guilt for her sister, she had an inferiority complex. After Subaru saves her, she falls in love with him and becomes one of his most loyal followers. Rem sticks to him when he gives up on himself and even when he tells her that he loves Emilia.



  • According to the author, Rem's birthday is February 2nd, as is her twin sister, Ram, of course.
  • According to the author, Rem is the most popular character in the series.