How do I become a better Christian

Can One Become a Better Christian?

Zinzendorf and Wesley argue

You have always been fascinated by people who lived radically for Jesus: Franz von Asissi, who gave up everything to be there for the poor. Hudson Taylor, who built a major China mission. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who died for his convictions. These are real role models for you! Building a Christian-inspired bourgeois life in pious self-satisfaction is not enough for you. No, you see far too many in your community who just want to bring their own sheep to the dry. You want to do better, believe more passionately, practice a different lifestyle, really make a difference in this world. The fact that so many (don't) know anything about Jesus moves you, and that's why you keep trying to find new ways to get into conversation with others about faith. The injustice in the world does not leave you indifferent, but you have started to stand up. For you, that is part of the process of growing in faith. But of course it can be quite stressful at times. And every now and then the thought occurs to you whether you are too perfectionist. What does Jesus get out of it when you burn out?


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