How's your sunday afternoon

Translation of "Sunday afternoon" in Spanish

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When i next Sunday afternoon come back.
What can be so urgent about you Sunday afternoon?
And my conditions are that I am Sunday afternoon always free.
We will truly enjoy the peaceful retirement in Long Island of the former Mayor of Deinsohn, North Dakota at one Sunday afternoon to disturb?
¿De verdad vamos a molestar el tranquilo retiro en Long Island del ex-Alcalde de Tuhijo, Dakota del Norte en una tarde de domingo?
I went to her house, on one Sunday afternoon and ... brought her flowers ...
I'll get you to your little suburban house fast enough to watch the soccer game on Sunday afternoon to see.
Y los llevaré a sus casitas de barrio residencial a tiempo para ver el partido del domingo por la tarde.
On one Sunday afternoon Two years ago, l stopped for a breather outside the London second home of millionaire Gordon Cloade.
U.N domingo por la tarde, me paré un momento a descansar frente al piso de Londres de un millonario, un tal Gordon Cloade.
I am a chef and work on one Sunday afternoon the menu.
It was a Sunday afternoonand there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
Millions of people who wish for immortality do not know what it is that makes you rainy Sunday afternoon should begin.
Millones anhelan la inmortalidad, cuando ellos mismos no saben qué hacer en una tarde lluviosa de domingo.
That's a whole free one Sunday afternoon.
Sunday afternoon is the only time when I have peace
Nothing can be as oppressively quiet as one Sunday afternoon, Is not it?
It was a sunday evening Sunday afternoon, and it was right after -
Good for that Sunday afternoon described.
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