Why do dogs lick belly buttons

Why does the dog lick its stomach and paws?

Question: My dog ​​has lately been licking its paws and stomach a lot. What can be the cause? Veterinarian Dr. Klaus Kutschmann, Vice President of the Saxony-Anhalt Veterinary Association:

Itching can always be caused by mites. There are a variety of mites that are often invisible to the naked eye. Mites can live as parasites on and in the skin. In many cases, a skin sample must be examined with a microscope to be able to ensure the diagnosis.

Many dogs and cats in Saxony-Anhalt are currently suffering from the so-called autumn grass mite. The larvae of this type of mite live on grass and can attack animals and humans. As small, yellowish-ocher-colored deposits, consisting of groups of individual mites, these larvae can be found on the soft parts of the paws and on the lower abdomen, especially in dogs and cats. The parasites live on the lymph fluid of the infected animals and cause intense itching and skin inflammation in the affected areas where they sting their host.

Using insecticide shampoos once a week for two to four weeks can kill the autumn grass mites. In many cases, the itching then subsides. If this is not the case, the vet can prescribe antipruritic medication. Until well into autumn, however, when the weather is warmer, new infections can occur that require renewed treatment. With the onset of the first frost, the autumn grass mites disappear. They will not reappear as a problem until next summer. (ukl)

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