How am I supposed to learn to be alone?

Separation anxiety or loss of control?

The fear of being alone is not equally strong in every dog. And the question of the cause of the fear cannot be answered in such a general way. Dogs are individuals and just like us humans, they are shaped differently, have different experiences and traits.

Still, the dog's fear of being alone can usually be traced back to one of two main causes:

  1. Separation anxiety
  2. Fear of losing control

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety are actually afraid of being alone. You feel helpless and abandoned without a master or mistress.

In the case of dogs with a loss of control, on the other hand, it is more the concern that their owners will not be able to cope without them. They feel like they have to protect and watch out. If you go out without him, he will be unable to carry out this task and will feel worried or angry about it.

The training described below is primarily about overcoming the dog's separation anxiety. If, on the other hand, your dog suffers from loss of control, it is advisable to start elsewhere. In this case, your dog must first learn that you are in charge of his pack.

If your dog is suffering from loss of control, professional help is often required. Professional dog trainers or dog psychologists will help you identify and remedy the causes of the loss of control.