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Contact restrictions in Munich and Bavaria: How many people you can meet

Staying together in public spaces, in privately used rooms and on privately used land is permitted as follows, depending on the 7-day incidence:

CURRENTLY VALID IN MUNICH: With a 7-day incidence between 35 and 100

  • with the members of your own household as well as the members of another household, as long as a total of five people is not exceeded.

With a 7-day incidence greater than 100

  • with the members of your own household as well as one other person.
  • In addition, the mutual, free, non-commercial supervision of children under the age of 14 in permanent, family or neighborhood-organized care communities is permitted if it includes children from one's own household and at most one other household.

With a 7-day incidence below 35

  • with the members of your own household as well as the members of two other households, as long as a total of ten people is not exceeded.

The one belonging to the householdChildren under 14 years remain out of consideration for the total number.

This classification applies until the relevant limit value is exceeded on three consecutive days or the limit value is fallen below on five consecutive days. The then relevant regulations then come into force on the second day after the three / five times exceeding / falling below the limit.

Fully vaccinated people (from day 14 after the final vaccination) and those who have recovered (with a PCR test that is at least 28 days and no more than 6 months old) have been exempt from the contact restrictions since May 6th. At private gatherings in which both vaccinated or convalescent and other people participate, vaccinated and convalescent people are not taken into account when determining the number of participants.

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