Marilyn Manson had his ribs removed

The underpants remain: Marilyn Manson's crazy sex phobias


We were all secretly wondering how things go around in Marilyn Manson's bedroom. The shock rocker, however, is much more shy than expected.

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Marilyn Manson has a new album about to start. “Pale Emperor” will be released in mid-January and is already receiving high praise from critics. The shock rocker is finding his way back to his old greatness with his new work, it is said from various sides.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Manson speaks about his sex life in order to heat up the promotional machinery. Varnish and leather? No. At least some goat blood during the act of love? Nonsense. In the 46-year-old's bedroom, things are more civilized than expected.

Five times a day - but without light

"First of all: the lights shouldn't be on," says Manson of his bed stories. "I'm just very shy, even if you can hardly imagine it." In fact, that doesn't quite fit the image of the man who was claimed in the 1990s to have had a rib removed in order to be able to satisfy himself orally.

"Second: The underpants shouldn't slide any lower than my ankles," continues the rocker. He blames a somewhat bizarre phobia for this: "I'm afraid that my house will suddenly catch fire - and then I don't want to be naked if I have to run out." The chance isn't even that small considering how often Manson says he has sex. Five times a day is the absolute minimum. However, he does not manage more than ten times.

In the interview, Manson talks about other mental health problems and phobias. His hygiene also suffers from these at times: “I am very afraid of bathtubs. Maybe because my mother bathed me as a child and I only know that I didn't find it pleasant at all. " Making love in the shower is therefore hardly an option: "I've only done that twice in my life - and both times in the dark."

Manson's fears may seem extraordinary. But phobias cannot be explained rationally. You can find more examples in the photo series.

Marilyn Manson has not sounded as good as in the new "Cupid Carries A Gun" for a long time. (Source: Youtube / Marilyn Manson)