Is libertarianism heartless

Socialism is there for poverty

Germany is governed by three commandments. First, “Never again Hitler”. Second, the purity law. And third, the love for the welfare state. The first is circumvented by boycotting Israeli instead of Jewish goods. The second is actually sacred. And the third one has not yet reached its climax.

While left parties are fighting for a top tax rate of 49%, liberals are defending the current 42%. As if 7 percent would decide about freedom or communism. The willingness to pay taxes in Germany is so high that the Greens do not lose any of their popularity with their election manifestos. Because the goal of the tax increases is clear: social justice. And nobody has anything against that.

Social justice. That means helping the poor and the weak. Morally, but above all financially. That's social !, they tell us. But a left, a socialist party cannot help the poor. She doesn't want it and she can't want it either.

They don't even try. Because their help is rather self-help. The money that is transferred to the “poor” month after month does not serve to support them, but solely and exclusively for their compliance and control. A liberal conspiracy theory? We will see.

Most ideologies need an enemy image. That of the socialists is the rich. But who is the rich man? He who is rich is free. One gets rich to be free. And lack of freedom goes hand in hand with poverty. The left want to curb the rich, curb their striving for prosperity and thus also for freedom. They know that in freedom man develops characteristics that are most annoying to them. He becomes more self-determined, stronger, more independent. In short: it becomes freer. Freedom makes him rich, prosperity makes him freer.

The desire to tame wealth and thus freedom testifies to a deeply negative image of man. The release of man and society into freedom - capitalism is nothing else - develops in him characteristics that do not suit the socialist.

What incentive could a socialist have to be there for people? What is his motivation to help evil? None, it doesn't exist. Why help a poor person to get rich and thus nourish the enemy image? Man is bad per se and bad cannot be helped.

No, socialism is not there for the poor. He is there for poverty. For poverty is virtue; to be sure, it is bondage, but precisely for that reason it is also virtue. The maintenance of poverty is the prevention of wealth and thus the suppression of the bad. Avoiding the socialist nightmare, the "vicious circle" of freedom-prosperity-freedom.

Who the socialist fights for is not the poor. It is the idea of ​​justice, the idea of ​​poverty as a state of nature, which is placed above man and reality. We don't have a welfare state, we have a poverty industry.

Since all parties have followed this line of thinking and follow the principle of self-preservation, there is no country in sight for those who think differently politically. Of course, we can emigrate. But until then we will explain how it can be different and why. Welcome to the world of libertarianism.

Word does not know this word and paints it in red. But I don't take this as a sign of socialist infiltration. Although…?

No, the libertarian differs from the socialist in his fundamentally different view of man. That of the libertarian is good, that of the socialist is bad. Libertarians are not blind and deny humans any bad qualities. They just say that he knows them himself and is able to control them. That it doesn't take a commission, a parliament or a government to educate him.

In libertarianism, humans do not act and live for ideologies and also not for their neighbors. He's rational and tries to get the most out of himself. Since everyone else is doing the same, it's fair. And since you do business together, you benefit from the neighbors' profits - a lived but unspoken reality, by the way.

Despite egoism and freedom there are social systems. But they don't exist because they exist. They are available in the form in which you need them. Since even the richest are afraid of being poor and the healthiest are afraid of illness, there are insurance policies. And since the rich are free and selfish, but by no means heartless, they donate.

But the libertarians fight against fear. Against the fear of being poor. Many decades of social democratic politics have taken people's urge for freedom and replaced it with the need for security. And no matter what libertarians will say, people will not follow them. It is true that libertarianism does not want people to follow it. But the Germans want it. You want to follow.

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