Why do dogs always growl at me

The dog growls at visitors - which you can do

Your dog's growling can be caused by several things. Most of the time, however, your dog tries to signal that he feels insecure - it is an expression of self-protection. It is important that you try to understand what the trigger could be. Sometimes it is enough if you observe the current environment or the given situation. It is possible that your dog growls depending on the situation. Then by the time you respond appropriately or avoid the trigger, the growling may stop. What are the causes of the growling?

1. Your dog feels danger

Perhaps the most common cause of your dog growling is a sense of danger. As soon as your dog feels uncomfortable, anxious, or at risk, he will begin to growl. Do not ignore this growl, but respond appropriately by properly assessing the situation the dog is in. Because there is a difference between the game growl and the danger growl. The latter occurs, for example, if your dog meets another dog while walking that he already knows and with whom he has had negative experiences - "Stay away from me!" he wants to express with his growl. In such a situation, allow your dog to protect himself, but do not allow a fight.

Growling when playing with other dogs

Growling also occurs when playing with other dogs. However, this growl is less loud and shorter than the danger growl. Dogs try to make dog friends while playing. If a dog is playing a game that your dog doesn't like, it will respond with a growl that says, "I don't like the game, stop it!"