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The current corona policy is causing frustration for many of us. Our confidence in politics is falling. While the past year was still marked by the feeling "We against the virus", that has now changed. In this Ab21 episode, we discuss with an intensive nurse, a restaurateur and a political advisor why many of us are now very dissatisfied.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus pandemic. A lot has happened since then. At first, many of us were confident that we would be well guided through the crisis and that we could master it together. After a year to and fro between easing and (partial) lockdowns, the never-ending vaccination chaos and Prime Minister conferences that leave many of us with more questions than answers, things look different. Many of us are annoyed by the decisions - studies show that trust in politics is lower than it has been for a long time.

"It's been a year now and we're kind of dancing on the spot."
Nursing specialist Nils on the current political decisions

One who would have wished for more structure and a clearer line in crisis management for those in power is intensive care nurse Nils. He works in a corona intensive care unit and would have liked a zero covid strategy (you can read more about it here) to combat pandemics, as he says. In the podcast he explains why he no longer believes in promises made by women politicians and what motivates him to go to work every day.

Corona policy: The mood has changed

Just a year ago, many of us would have thought that politicians were "doing the right thing," explains political advisor Johannes Hillje. In the meantime, however, it has been observed that some people have the impression that nothing is being done to combat the pandemic and that political decisions are no longer comprehensible. In the podcast, the political advisor explains why.

"At the moment there is the impression that nothing is being done anymore and why no action is taken is no longer understandable for the people either."
Political advisor Johannes Hillje on current crisis management

Sabine opened her own café in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2019. But for a year now there has mostly only been coffee or breakfast boxes to take away. The constant fear of existence, the problems with the disbursements of state aid and the little prospect of improvement from their point of view would have worn them down and ruined them. That is why she no longer believes promises made by politicians, says Sabine.

"My confidence in politics is definitely broken."
Cafe owner Sabine about her trust in politics

How our trust is dwindling due to the corona policy:

  • In a survey carried out on behalf of ARD Tagesthemen at the end of March 2021, 31 percent of those questioned were very satisfied or satisfied with the Corona crisis management with regard to the use of Corona quick and self-tests. The respondents were least satisfied with the corona vaccinations: around 83 percent were less or not at all satisfied with them at the time of the survey.
  • In a survey carried out as part of the ZDF Politbarometer at the end of February 2021, 44 percent of those surveyed said that they felt most likely to be represented by the politics of the CDU / CSU on the subject of Corona. 16 percent stated that they did not feel represented by any party in the Bundestag on this issue.
  • A study by the University of Erfurt came to the result in March 2021 that the trust of the respondents in the federal and state governments has been falling since November 2020 and has been falling rapidly since February 2021. Accordingly, in March 2021, only 30 percent of those surveyed trusted the federal government's corona crisis management. Overall, the government was perceived as significantly less competent, benevolent and with integrity than in February 2021.

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