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Where can I find particularly cheap notebooks for students?

“How do I get a cheap laptop for university?” Is a question that every student asks himself at least once during his university career. Because a low budget will especially for technical purchases like one Notebook quickly to tripping hazards. That is why in this article we will show you which ways there are to get particularly cheap notebooks. And there are quite a few of them!

In this post you will find an overview of:

Inexpensive laptops exclusively for students: dealers with campus & education discounts

"How and where can I get my laptop cheaply and save such good money?" - You have probably asked yourself this question already. We'll give you a hand in this regard and give you some tips on cheap laptops along the way.

Before you fully indulge in your shopping mood, you should ask yourself how much your new notebook is worth to you. It is also important to know exactly what you can invest in. Sit by yours budget so a clear one limit. As a result, you concentrate your search and research only on models that are in your Price range lie. This is how you avoid disappointment if you fall for a gadget that you cannot afford anyway. A pinch of healthy realism doesn't hurt here! But don't worry, we're always there when you need it Bargains and discounts for students goes. Here we go!

The first point of contact are technology dealers who, together with notebook manufacturers, have their own offers for students. So-called Campus or Education discounts. You like the brand Lenovo? Then you can find your new notebook at the best price - such as an Ideapad, Ultrabook or convertible - at CampusPoint. As a partner of the student-friendly Lenovo Campus program, it is a certified provider with designated offers for students.

You should make a note of the Lenovo Campus Program anyway. Lenovo has set itself the task of helping schoolchildren, students, lecturers and the like and Technology at the best price offer - including cheap laptops, of course. Numerous dealers are part of the program, so you are sure to find a store near you. You can find out more about the program and other partners on our blog.

In addition, the Reseller CampusPoint supports the ASUS Education and HP Campus Advantage initiatives. In addition to notebooks, you will also find desktop PC systems, mini PCs and software in the online shop. With our discount codes you can save good money on top!

Samsung also has its own student shop where you can choose from Samsung products at special prices get.

Where the technology bargains are waiting: Refurbished & demo goods

The online shop preiswertePC.de beckons Exhibits and B-goods at a reduced cost. B-goods are products that fall out of the normal distribution of a retailer and are offered at a special price, but are new or as good as new and fully functional. This also includes partially repaired devices that have been restored to new condition - so-called. Refurbished devices. Since it is, among other things used but powerful equipment deals with companies, you will find there in particular student-friendly prices. You don't even have to do without common brand names. preiswertePC.de, for example, has products from DELL, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer or Apple Releases.

You will also find what you are looking for at Back Market - DEM Marketplace for refurbished electronics. Here you can, for example, get your MacBook, ChromeBook or another high-quality notebook at a reduced price.

MEDIMAX, on the other hand, offers bargains in its offers section and provides not only technical information but also current promotions in the themed world. TECHNIKdirekt.de also has special savings tips for you. You will find it either with devices that have served as demo goods. It refers to fully functionalExhibitsthat only show slight signs of wear. Or you can get hold of yours Dream notebook coincidentally at the deal of the week. But maybe you can also find your laptop luck at K&M Computer. We took a closer look at the shop for all the technical gadgets in our guide for you. With the notebooksbilliger.de campus bestsellers exclusively for students, trainees, pupils and teachers, you can also get huge discounts.

Are you a die-hard Apple fan? Then you should strike at Gravis. Sensational await you there Student discounts on Apple productsas soon as you are a member of the Campus Club. All you have to do is create a Gravis user account and register for the Campus Club. Apple fans are also the Apple Premium Reseller COMSPOT recommended.

The days of action Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday not only attract students, but generally offer great deals and reduced prices. Here, too, it is worth keeping your eyes and ears open!

It's always worth comparing prices!

Not just passionate Bargain hunter like to use the good old one price comparison back, before you buy your laptop, you should also check where your desired model is cheapest. You can find some useful helpers online, such as the Comparison portalsidealo.de, billiger.de or check24.de. There you will find test results, user opinions, price trends and data sheets for a wide variety of products.

Technology discounts on iamstudent.de

And then of course there is the iamstudent.de student robs and competitions of:

Tip: Are there currently no student discounts online? Then you can easily follow the company and you will be sent via Voucher alert informed as soon as a new one Student discount on iamstudent.de is available! You can also save even more with our deals. Every day we look for particularly big bargains for you at well-known brands and online shops. We concentrate on the categories of household, furniture, beauty, fashion, leisure and technology.

Your little checklist for buying a notebook

So that you have a full view of the entire buying process for your new notebook, it is best to use the practical W-questions in ours as a guide Checklist:

  • For what? First of all, ask yourself what activities you actually need your notebook for and how you will use it the most (e.g. gaming or just for regular surfing?).
  • What? Clarify which technical components are particularly important to you and what you cannot do without.
  • How much? Set a price range that you always keep an eye on and do not exceed.
  • How? Find out which devices suit your needs and budget, e.g. on tech websites and consumer websites. This is how you can find your dream notebook.
  • Where? Research where your dream model is particularly cheap for you as a student - keyword student discounts at iamstudent, student-friendly offers from manufacturers and stores, refurbishing, etc. Don't forget to compare prices!

If you need a little help answering the W questions, take a look at our article “Notebooks for Studying: The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right One”. In it we show what is important when buying a laptop and explain important components such as RAM, SSD, processor, RAM, battery life, hard drive, graphics card, inches, full HD resolution, weight, etc.

The right notebook accessories make technology happiness complete

Have you got hold of your new notebook at a budget price? Then the only thing missing now is the perfect one Laptop backpack from Crumpler or a stylish one Notebook sleeve from Artwizz for transport. By the way, we took a closer look at the cult brand Crumpler on our blog.

You shouldn't miss anything! If you would like to find out more about cheap laptops for students, technical details, the right software and useful tools for university, we particularly recommend the following articles: “Notebooks for studying: The ultimate guide to making the right purchase” & “How can I find the right laptop and helpful software for university? ”. And of course we will also support you in choosing the right internet tariff so that you can always surf well and cheaply through university life.