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The finale of the first season of The 100 is at the same time the highlight of the sci-fi series from The CW. The grippingly staged and fast-paced episode with a mysterious ending can also stir up certain expectations of the second season that has already been ordered.

The attentive reader of our reviews of The 100 on SERIENJUNKIES.DE® will certainly not have missed the fact that I had a lot to criticize and criticize about the format, especially in the early phases of the first season of The CW series. After yesterday's finale of this first season, I am happy, but also pleasantly surprised that The 100 has developed into a very solid and entertaining series over the course of its thirteen episodes. There was certainly often something to complain about as well as some lows, but it should be noted that one could observe a continuous development for the better and the series could steadily improve.

So it's not surprising that We Are Grounders Part 2 earned the best rating of all episodes this season. Part of the responsibility for this is, on the one hand, the path to this final. On the other hand, it is also the final episode itself that impresses with its great staging, gripping action sequences and the necessary consistency.

Time to go

As stated at the end of the episode from the previous week, the young people now have to flee their camp, especially the danger from them grounders to get out of the way. Before that, however, the seriously injured Raven (Lindsey Morgan), who was wounded by Murphy (Richard Harmon) in the last episode, needs to be cared for. At the same time, the supposed leaders Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Finn (Thomas McDonell) rack their brains over how to proceed. Bellamy remains stubborn and wants to stay in the camp, but is ultimately convinced by Clarke to flee.

The young people are leaving their tranquil camp, 82 of the former 100 are still alive. In an atmospheric sequence to the melodic sounds of the French musician Woodkid (song "The Other Side"), the fleeting youngsters roam the woods. However, one is torn out of this apparent calm as soon as the 82 are suddenly turned into 81. Literally out of nowhere, a kind of throwing star whirls through the air and gives one of the kids an unpleasant end. The young people panic and rush back to their camp. Escape seems hardly possible any more.

The determined Bellamy now gets his final fight after all, for which he and his colleagues have prepared so thoroughly. The thought is briefly played about, the vanguard of the grounders to put an end to it, but in the end you holed up and took up your positions. The pace is slowly increasing, the camp looks like a small fortress that even has a kind of tunnel system. in the was room the last tactics are forged. The space capsule's highly flammable rocket fuel turns out to be the final option with which the grounders should be pushed back and literally lit a fire under their bums.

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and a couple of the battered teenagers. © The CW

Final Journey

While there is not much ahead of the final battle on earth, the plan on the Ark is going through, which should finally bring the inhabitants of the space station back to earth. However, this one is fraught with risks and losses are arguably inevitable, so that some concerns are spreading among the people. Not so with Abby (Paige Turco), who is absolutely determined with the prospect of meeting her daughter again.

When the time for the start is reached, however, complications naturally arise, so that the plan is put on hold for the time being. Only a manual start of the decoupling process can move the Ark towards the earth, otherwise the residents face an unpleasant fate. As if at the push of a button, Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) feels called to sacrifice himself and trigger the start. Even if even then he will find his certain death on the remains of the Ark. At this point there is strong pressure on the emotion gland, which is the case several times in We Are Grounders Part 2. And even if these scenes are now and then on the verge of overloaded kitsch - in the end, the makers always get the curve in time and can really pick up the viewer emotionally.

What follows may not be particularly surprising, but it is coherent and appropriate. While Abby tries to stop Kane, the decoupling of crucial parts of the Ark is suddenly carried out. No one less than Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington) ultimately sacrifices himself to give humanity a second chance on earth. Thanks to a compelling Washington, this scene works well too. Of course, it's a shame at this moment that we will probably remain an extremely capable actor in the second season.

Be right back

Of course, the young people on earth do not notice any of this. Raven makes it his business to create the big surprise for the attackers when suddenly their injury turns out to be more serious than previously thought. Finn is immediately determined to find a cure, which he in turn suspects in Lincoln's (Ricky Whittle) hiding place. Clarke's emotional behavior towards him comes as a bit of a surprise. Where she did not return his declaration of love relatively clearly last week, she now seems to feel much more drawn to him.

However, there is little time left for such “Will they or won't they?” Questions, which may be a good thing, as there are much more exciting things to see than the love back and forth between the two of them. The grounders namely are on the advance and carry out their first "attack". However, this is more of a tactical nature, as it has the consequence that the insecure youngsters without thinking about their meager ammunition stocks.

During these initial skirmishes, Clarke continues to follow orders from the hip-down Raven, whose internal bleeding is getting worse by the minute. These two also share a little moment that is quite nice to watch. Since Clarke is not the most talented electrician, however, both need the help of Jasper (Devon Bostick), who is ordered back to the camp via radio from the front.

The radio communication among the defenders turns out to be a clever style element. As a result, the chaotic circumstances become clear again and again and at the same time the war-like atmosphere is upgraded. Without seeing too much of what was happening, the feeling of a deadly argument arises that demands one victim after the other. This then finally gets rolling as the grounders launch their major attack. Before that, they had already enjoyed the advantage of following the young people's radio messages, as they fell into the hands of the troublemaker Murphy and thus his radio.

Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) also takes up arms. © The CW

Now We Attack

So it comes to a big fight with them groundersthat fully grabs and carries the viewer away. Like a wild pack, the inhabitants of the earth rush to the fortifications of the young defenders. The high speed, the pace of the individual scenes, the convincing scenery - here you get the finest entertainment, in which the danger is always within reach.

The pace even accelerates when Finn Bellamy's original idea and the motto "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" followed up with action. So after his encounter with Lincoln he lures the ominous ones reapers to the camp of the young people, who in turn grounders to stab in the back. The battle chaos is perfect. Now the different inhabitants of the earth fight against each other, which gives Clarke and Co some time. The turmoil takes on almost epic proportions and couldn't be more entertaining.

Bellamy and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) also find themselves in the middle of this fight, with the latter being hit in the leg by an arrow after saving her brother's life. Her apparent emancipation from her protector Bellamy is a bit hasty and is countered in return when she is brought to safety by Lincoln. Nevertheless, this emotional moment between her and her brother also opens up. You can certainly complain a little about one or the other emotional scene in We Are Grounders Part 2, but they are by no means annoying or inappropriate. In the end, all moments of this kind fit seamlessly into the overall picture of the episode, which makes the finale a very rounded impression.

We Are Not Grounders

after the grounders the reapers have pushed back, all parties suddenly stop, as parts of the Ark are approaching Earth at high speed. As with the equipment of this episode, the serial producers have to be praised for the effects. Apparently, they once again put some real money into their hands to stage, among other things, the crash of the Ark worth seeing.

The grounders do not care much about the crashing space station, rather they keep pushing forward and can thus make their way into the youth camp. Here it goes haywire again. And while Clarke has to watch Finn and Bellamy fight the grounder Tristan (Joseph Gatt) fight for her life, she has to make the difficult decision to seal the space capsule from the inside and so the last trump card against the grounders to play off. However, Anya (Dichen Lachman) manages to get on board at the last second, where she is now faced with an overwhelming force, which in turn is about to lynch her. Clarke alone wants to prove that she and her teenage comrades are better than the bloodthirsty grounders are and prevent worse.

Clarke then, sadly, comes to the realization that both camps don't take much from each other because of their cruelty. Jasper succeeds in triggering the "Ring of Fire" - a literal ring of fire. A devastating sea of ​​flames emanates from the space capsule and destroys everything and everyone who had previously hammered against the walls from the outside. These violent images not only have an effect on the viewer, Clarke is visibly flabbergasted when she trudges through the bony remains of the attacker.

A look into the unknown: Clarke (Eliza Taylor) in the care of the mysterious Mountain Men © The CW

Mountain Men

Far from the battlefield, the remains of the Ark have more or less safely fallen to the ground. Abby and Kane are doing well and immediately enjoy the picturesque setting in which they find themselves. In orbit Jaha is enjoying this good news and looks at the blue planet one last time. A fitting and beautiful picture at the end, which once again carries emotional weight.

In the youth camp, the impression may briefly arise that the struggle is over - by no means. Some gas grenades fly into the camp out of nowhere and before Anya can utter the words "Mountain Men", the remaining defenders are already on the ground. Clarke can only glimpse heavily armed and dressed in gas masks and suits.

When Clarke wakes up again, she is medically treated in a sterile room. Contrary to the assumptions of many viewers and also of the reviewer, it seems with the mountain men probably not to trade savages. On the contrary, they appear to be highly technological. In the opposite room, Clarke looks at Monty (Christopher Larkin), who recently disappeared without a trace. A final shot reveals that we are in Mount Weather, the former military base and the original landing point of the "100". Why Clarke is here, what she is doing in the quarantine area and what is the secret behind the moutain men stuck, these are all questions that the series makers are saying goodbye to us for this season.


As already mentioned several times before, the finale of the first season of The 100 is a consistently round episode, which is mainly due to its action-packed staging, a lot of variety, a strong atmosphere and a skilful one foreshadowing can score. Thus, the series makers get the fruits of their good work from the last weeks and episodes and deliver a very convincing episode.

We Are Grounders Part 2 is an exciting episode in which the individual storylines are brought to a good and meaningful end and at the same time many new questions are raised. The cliffhanger at the end offers an interesting innovation or change in the story, which certainly ensures that quite a few viewers are eagerly awaiting the second season of The CW series. The high rating for this conclusion of a not always flawless, but by and large rock solid and very entertaining first season has really been earned.

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