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Lüneburg Heath adventure labyrinth

Lüneburg Heath adventure labyrinth
The 2800 square meter changeable "adventure labyrinth Lüneburg Heath" opened in Bispingen on May 11th, 2018. The labyrinth, more precisely a maze, consists of a wooden plug-in system, which can be rebuilt at any time and thus redesigned again and again.

Exciting puzzle rally
Anyone who finds the right path in the maze of corridors can easily get to know the “Lüneburg Heath” region through an interesting puzzle rally. The riddle rally is ideal for birthdays, groups, team events, families and of course also for school classes. Here it is advisable to form small groups and to contest the puzzle rally as a challenge.

Adventure stations with different degrees of difficulty for young and old
On the way to the observation tower / navigation tower, there are 18 fun adventure stations for balancing, dangling and jumping. For horror lovers, there has recently been a gruesomely beautiful scary gang.

Almost all adventure routes can be bypassed, so that people with disabilities or prams can easily discover the labyrinth.

Discounted combination tickets
The cooperation with the VERRÜCKTE HAUS opposite is also new. Here, as in the labyrinth, discounted combined tickets are offered for both attractions - great fun for all adventurers of all ages, and of course selfie fans will also get their money's worth!

All information and prices are available at www.ablebnislabyrinth.de

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