How do I experience London

London: Tips for your trip away from the mainstream

London - the city that never sleeps! Year after year, millions of tourists are drawn to the cosmopolitan city with its unique mix of tradition and modernity, its culture and the vibrant nightlife. Sights such as Big Ben, the London Eye or Buckingham Palace are a must for every tourist. Are you planning a trip to the cosmopolitan city, but don't just want to hike the well-known tourist trails? Then experience another side of the city with our London tips!

London Tips: The best view of London, all for free
The hotspots for a view of the London skyline include some sights - queuing and buying expensive tickets are inevitable at these sights, which are anything but insider tips in London. You can save money and the long waiting time with our London tips for the best view!
Entrance to the is completely free SkyGarden at the top of a skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch Street. In the middle of a botanical garden at lofty heights, you can enjoy a 360 ° view of the City of London on three floors. You only have to book your visit to SkyGarden in advance and appear in the booked period. For romantics, the website shows sunrise and sunset times so you can better plan your view of London. Hungry? You can also get the spectacular view with a visit
of Fenchurch rooftop Connect restaurants.
A detour to the Primrose Hill north of Regent’s Park. The ascent is not difficult and when you reach the top you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the skyline that you can't get better for money. The area is still one of the real insider tips in London, because in contrast to the nearby, lively Camden Town, hardly any tourist gets lost here, so that, in addition to a few locals, you have the spacious park, the surrounding picturesque residential areas and of course the view to yourself.
London tips: strolling in the multicultural district
Many hip districts of London have now been taken over by the tourist crowds, such as Notthing Hill, Camden Town or Convent Garden. Not so in the neighborhood Brixton, one of the best tips for adventurers and visitors looking for metropolitan authenticity. London is a cosmopolitan city shaped by its inhabitants from all over the world and the most diverse cultures. This one international, but especially African and Caribbean charm you can experience it up close in Brixton. In this quarter, the former home of David Bowie, you will hardly meet a tourist and experience the authentic side of multicultural London up close. Tips for a successful visit to Brixton are the Brixton Market with food and specialties from all over the world that Brixton Station with their street musicians and the many Jamaican restaurants. But a detour to restaurants with international, such as Colombian and Japanese cuisine is no problem here - Brixton is a lively melting pot of the most diverse cultures and a must for lovers of culinary art. And instead of sitting in the middle of tourists in the city center in the evening, you learn in the colorful Brixton nightlife the Londoners know with its bars and atmospheric live music.
London tips: oases of calm
A sightseeing tour in the cosmopolitan city of London can be quite exhausting. A little relaxation in a quiet place can't hurt - it's not that easy to find something like this in the hustle and bustle of the big city. With our tips for London you don't have to search long for oases of calm!
St. Dunstan-in-the-East, an almost 1000 year old church that was destroyed in World War II and of which ruins remain. You will hardly find anyone here. The old church walls are overgrown with ivy and create a dreamy, but also mystical place of rest in the midst of high office buildings. St. Dunstan is one of the most isolated London insider tips, in which you can spend some quiet moments and take very special photos in front of the backdrop of church ruins in front of modern high-rise buildings - a sight that hardly any tourist in London has.
One of the oases of calm among our London tips is also the Regent’s Park north of the city center. In contrast to the tourist magnet Hyde Park and the always overcrowded St. James Park at Buckingham Palace, you will meet tourists much less often and you don't have to argue about seating. But you can enjoy the beautifully blooming botany on the small lake in peace, borrow a rowing boat, drink a coffee or just switch off a little.
Curious London: Tips for unusual sights
There are also all kinds of curiosities to see in London. Insider tips for this are for example the Police station in Trafalgar Square and the "The Attendant" bar.
In Trafalgar Square you have to take a particularly good look to discover it: the “Police Box” is the smallest police station in London and probably the world. The station, the size of a phone booth, was built in 1926 and was intended to house only one police officer to watch the demonstrations in Trafalgar Square. Today it is only used as a warehouse for municipal cleaning - and is a small highlight.
The bar "The Attendant" in the Fitzrovia district is just as unusual. It is one of the London eateries that are housed in a former public toilet. The result is a counter made of urinals and cisterns as flower pots - everything naturally cleaned to a sparkle and despite the unusual atmosphere not without a certain charm. It's worth a visit!
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