Mark Zuckerberg eats pork

Mark Zuckerberg is right on trend: The Facebook boss, who co-founded the online social network in 2004, is almost exclusively vegetarian.

In order to keep up his resolution better, he tricked himself in a certain way. Like the 27-year-old the magazine Fortune revealed in an email published on Thursday that he had decided to only eat meat from animals that had been killed by hand. That practically made him a vegetarian.

His diet has now become "much healthier". He has also learned a lot about sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry recently, said the entrepreneur.

At the beginning of May, Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook profile: "I'm going to kill a pig and a sheep". The magazine then turned to the entrepreneur to question how one should understand his message.

The young billionaire said that his new commitment to meatless eating was born out of a resolve to set a goal each year; last year he decided to learn Chinese. This year he wants to pay more attention to what he eats, wrote Zuckerberg.

The times in which vegetarians had to be ridiculed as "eco-activists" and "muesli snappers" are long gone anyway: Zuckerberg is in good company with his diet. More and more male celebrities are committed to vegetarianism - and to a more conscious way of life. Actors like Alec Baldwin, Dustin Hoffman, Keanu Reeves or Robert Redford reject meat as well as the musicians Xavier Naido, Sting or U2-Frontman Bono. Vegetarianism is at least as common among female celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Nadja Auermann, Naomi Watts or Natalie Portman.