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30.09.2005 12:55
Volkssolidarität Bundesverband e.V.

(Berlin) - "Using the knowledge, life experience and competence of older people correctly for the social and cultural development of society is in the interests of the elderly themselves, as well as in the interests of the younger generations." President of People's Solidarity on the occasion of International Elderly People's Day.

The majority of the elderly want to have the feeling of being needed and to do something useful for themselves or for others, emphasized Winkler. “Without the 33,000 volunteer employees, many of whom are of retirement age, the rich socio-cultural association life in popular solidarity would be unthinkable. The commitment of many over 80-year-olds shows that the fourth phase of life is by no means only characterized by illness and the need for care. More and more often, older people themselves contribute to correcting the conventional picture of aging - we want to continue to strongly support this development in the future. "

The President of the People's Solidarity also pointed out deficits for the social participation of the older generation. "These include the high unemployment of older workers, inadequate protection against age discrimination, deficiencies in health and nursing care for the elderly as well as increasing poverty in old age (e.g. among older women in East Germany)."

Winkler also referred to the recently published age survey. “If the money and material transfers of the 70 to 85-year-old East Germans to other people have decreased from 35 to 25 percent since 1996, this is not only an expression of a weak income development, but also affects the next generation. This weakens the family networks on which we urgently need, especially in the new federal states. For this reason, too, politicians would be well advised to refrain from further burdening the elderly.

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