What are the benefits of shopping in stores

Retail store vs. online shop: advantages and disadvantages

Not sure whether you want to open a physical store or an online shop? Can't decide whether you want to offer a virtual version in addition to the local business?

DooFinder wants to make this decision easier for you. With this article we want to briefly show you all the advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to get started with a clear conscience, then read on and relax .. 🙂

Advantages of online stores over physical stores

Numbers speak for themselves. But if we only rely on the bare numbers, the online shop will undoubtedly win the battle against the local business. According to a study by RetailMeNot, online trading doesn't stop growing. While in Europe the increase at almost 20% According to the National Commission for Markets and Competition, Spain, for example, clearly exceeds these figures. In the first quarter of 2016, sales in eCommerce increased compared to the previous year by around 22%. Why is that? We give reasons.

1. You open yourself to the world

Thanks to online business there are no longer any physical limits. There are no longer any limitations due to the location of the store. Can be sold on the Internet worldwide.

2. New customers

Have you never been on vacation and wished that these great, exotic shops could soon be visited in your hometown? With a physical store, you are simply geographically limited. With online trading, it doesn't matter where your customers are. It's all about the shopping experience and the product.

3. New sales options

Dropshipping is attractive, whether for newcomers or for established businesses. If you have a business you can launch new lines of products and diversify your earnings without making a large investment. Remember, the key is finding the right provider.

4. Cost There is no doubt about this.

The cost of opening an online shop is much lower than opening a local business.

5. No opening times

One of the major drawbacks of physical stores compared to eCommerce is the opening hours. In online trading there are no holidays or weekends, Your business runs 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Advantages of physical business over online business.

Every coin has two sides. Physical stores still have some advantages that virtual stores cannot yet reach. These are:

1. Customers want products they can touch

Many customers still need direct contact with the product. Touch, feel and sense. The store is unbeaten here. The online shop, on the other hand, tries to score with free returns.

2. Complex products

There are products that are impossible to sell online because of their price or their specificity. Cars are a case in point. Although online trading is making progress here too.

3. Customer loyalty

It is right that direct contact with the shopper promotes customer loyalty. Online shops have a different way of motivating customers to come back and ultimately to win the trust of shoppers.

Conclusion: who wins?

Of course, both models have their raison d'etre. It's just a fact that more and more shoppers prefer the online channel. If you don't want to start an unusual business model, our recommendation is clearly in the direction of the online shop. In our opinion it should the capital is not invested in local rent but in the advantageous online strategy and marketing. Successful online trading is not just about stores and products. And in the store? Every day without an online shop means lost money. Basically, a lot can be achieved with little investment.

Have you made up your mind now?

When you evaluate the pros and cons, what's your decision? Retail store or online store?