How often should you shower

personal hygiene That's why you shouldn't shower every day anymore!

Daily showering - that is pure stress for your skin

For many Germans, daily showering is a fixed ritual and, like brushing your teeth, is part of personal hygiene. Maybe that's the same with you. For a fresh, well-groomed appearance, it is not necessary to soap and rinse the entire body day after day. On the contrary: Frequent showering puts a strain on your skin because it dries out.

What exactly happens to our largest body organ under the shower? And how often should you shower? We have the following tips for you.

  • In particular, you should avoid very warm water, as it loosens oils from your skin and washes them out. But it is these fats that make your skin soft and supple. The result: the skin becomes rough and flaky.

  • Daily showering damages the skin's natural protective shield, as the “good” bacteria are also washed off. However, these protect our largest organ from harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses by preventing them from entering.

  • If you shower daily, your skin can even develop health problems that manifest themselves in acne, pimples or even eczema.

  • The scalp and hair also suffer from frequent use of water. On the one hand, the scalp can also dry out, on the other hand it starts to produce more oil than necessary, which you will notice in quickly greasy, stringy hair.

  • The cuticles can also dry out and crack from daily showering. That harms your nicely manicured fingernails.

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How often does it make sense to shower?

There is no hard and fast rule for the frequency of showering. That depends on the individual skin type. If your skin is rather oily, you can go under the shower more often. However, if you tend to have dry skin, then avoid showering daily. So keep an eye on how often showering is really good for you. Then you can have days without showering. Dermatologists generally recommend showering two to three times a week. From a medical point of view, this is completely sufficient.

But of course the climatic conditions also play a role. In the summer you certainly feel the need to take a shower more often. And of course you can also take a shower without a guilty conscience during physical activities that involve profuse sweating. If you don't already do it: cream or oil yourself well afterwards.

A skin-friendly shower is also possible

However, you can also protect your skin by showering. Avoid water that is too hot and rather set the mixer tap to lukewarm. You might even develop into a cold shower, your skin will thank you for that. On top of that, you strengthen your immune system and your cardiovascular system.

You can also reduce lathering with shower gel. Your skin certainly doesn't need intensive cleansing every time you shower. If you brush off a lot, there isn't really much dirt attached to it. Then it's mostly about the feeling of freshness that comes from daily showering on the skin. Only use shower gel if you really need to. For example, after sweating profusely, not having a shower for a few days, or being in a dusty environment.