How do I manage monthly budgets effectively

The best budget Excel templates

Smartsheet is a work management tool that was inspired by spreadsheets, but with the addition of solid collaboration and communication capabilities. The pre-defined budget template makes it even easier to create a budget, run monthly reviews, and improve accountability. You can enter your monthly budget into this template and then track it against your actual monthly expenses. With predefined formulas, you can see your total annual amount, your annual budget and the annual variance, which are automatically calculated when you make changes to budget items. Smartsheet's powerful collaboration capabilities allow you to attach files, set reminders, and share your budget with key decision makers.

To use a monthly budget template in Smartsheet:

1. Choose a template for a personal budget

  1. Go to and sign in to your account (or try Smartsheet free for 30 days)
  2. Click under the tab begin on Create new and chooseBrowse templates out.
  3. Enter in the search box Find templatesbudget“And click on the magnifying glass symbol.
  4. You will see a handful of results, but for this example click Tracker for a monthly budget and click the blue button Use template top right.
  5. Name your template, choose a location, and clickOK.

2. Enter your budget information

A predefined template opens with the sample content filled in for reference and already formatted sections, categories and sub-categories. Smartsheet makes it easy to add or delete rows based on the details of your budget.

Just right click on a row and choose Insert line on the left / insert line on the right off to add a line, or delete a lineto remove a line.

  1. Update the category and subcategory names under the column Budget itemsto suit your specific budget.

* Note that within this template the section savings under the section expenditure is included. Feel free to move this section by selecting the rows you want to move, right-clicking the rows, and Cut line choose. Next, right click on the row you want to paste the section cut above and select insert line

  1. Enter your income, savings and expenses for each budget item into the Monthly budget column a. You will notice that the hierarchy has already been formatted for you and contains formulas that automatically calculate the totals of the categories based on the totals of the subcategory items.
  2. On the left side of each line, you can attach files directly to a budget line item (perfect for attaching bank statements, tax documents, and more).
  3. Provide helpful details in the column Comments a, such as B. Account credentials or links to specific accounts.

3. Update the actual values ​​of the monthly budget

  1. As the month progresses, enter the actual amounts for each of your budget items in the column for the current month. You can set up reminders that are sent daily, weekly, or monthly. To set reminders, click the tab Alarms at the bottom of the sheet and choose New reminder. You can find more information about reminders here.